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Subject: RE: [NZ] New Zealand Parish Records
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 19:36:13 +1300
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Hi Leslea,

There is a book by Bruce Le Grange Garner about Parish Registers in New
Zealand his email is I don't know if he still
has any copies available, this is an extensive index of parishes, below
is a sample on how the book works. From memory it was about $30.00

Parish/Place/Name - Invercargill
Church Name - St Johns
Religion - C of E
Date Range - 1870 to 1918
BDM Record - ME = (Marriage Register Extracts)
Location - DU:Ho = (Hocken Library)
Record Format - * = (Original Registers)

It is quite a good book to help you think about where to start looking.

Depending on where and what religion you are wanting as to easy
accessibility, Off hand I can tell you the Christchurch library has a
wonderful card index of all the parish registers in and around the
Christchurch area.

Methodist archives will do look ups for any Methodist parish for a
slight fee they can be contacted at

Methodist Church Archives
P.O Box 931

Christ Church in Wanganui has their records also available.

I am sure that the other members of the list will be able to fill you in
on lots more records available

Hope this helps
Erina Andersen

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Subject: [NZ] New Zealand Parish Records

Hello List,
Is it possible to access parish records or church records at all.
If I came over to New Zealand, is it possible to approach a church and
their records?

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