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From: Graham Hoult <>
Subject: Re: [NZ] Wellington Lunatic Asylum
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 23:50:10 +1300
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On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 Maureen Donwen <> asked

> Hi List,

> Does anybody have any clues, ideas or information about the Wellington
> Lunatic Asylum in the late 1800's
> records from 1880 - do they still exist?
> if they do where are they held?
> where was the Wellington Lunatic Asylum?
> was it called something else in later years?

> anything appreciated

> cheers
> Maureen

Hi Maureen

I believe there was one in Wellington called Mount View. I know of a
patient who was committed there then transferred to Porirua, just
north of Wellington, pre 1900.

Not sure though when Porirua opened.

I feel sure that records from Wellington asylums would be at National Archives.

As for access to records: when I wanted to know at National Archives
in Wellington whether a particular (different) person had been
committed, I had to submit a written request for a staff member to
see if that person was in the records. I wasn't allowed to look for
myself to see *who* was listed as having been a patient.

Hope this helps

Graham Hoult
Canterbury Plains

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