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From: "Heather and Kevin Bray" <>
Subject: Scrapbooking
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 08:00:47 +1300

Just to add a bit more to this subject

I use a desktop publishing program to layout my photographs and notes and then print it either in black and white or colour to share with the rest of the family. A relative did the same family but as a scrapbook and it did look very nice but when she tried to copy it to give me and other family members a copy it looked awful. The background was too dark which detracted from the photographs. A firm offered to lazer copy the whole scrapbook but the 40 pages where going to cost us $120 to copy. So we decided that scrapbooks are great for wedding anniversaries, 21st, other special birthdays but not good for general family history unless you only want to do a one off scrapbook.
Just my thoughts.
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