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From: "W.Dickey" <>
Subject: Re NZSG
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 00:41:03 +1200

Heather wrote
Hi all & Wayne
Wayne, what do you do to help out the NZSG?
I too have joined the society and got the same info you did. On my first
visit I was taken in hand and shown around the place. I was asked what
areas I was particularly interested in and we specifically spent more time
on those areas.
You need to remember that the people who are in attendence are members like
yourself, and volunteers. They get nothing for giving their time to help
On subsequent visits to Panmure, I have had help as and when its been
needed. If I've had a query from home, I've simply emailed them and had a
prompt reply.
As for the cost of membership, I dont feel that is excessive at all. I'm on
a budget like most people, but I couldnt buy what I've used at the research
centre for $52.00.
One of the other listers from Canada made a comment that the membership for
NZSG is over the top, whereas Research Societies in England cost approx $30.
That may be so, however, I wonder if he has stopped to think that the NZSG
is NZ wide, whereas, there are several Research Societies in England
covering different areas so it would cost him a lot more than $30 in total
to cover the whole of England.
To finish, I would like to thank the NZSG for the facilities avail to use.

Hello Heather,
You ask what I do to help out the NZSG.
The answer Heather, is that I don't do anything as I am now not a member of the NZSG.
When I first joined however I sent in copies of certificates that I had and gave information for the First Families, Certificate Collection, and Pedigree Collection.
I wasn't a member for long enough to get involved or asked to participate in any NZSG Projects.
I did however commission some research on my family from the Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF) and I gave a copy of this report to the Irish Interest Group to give an indication to the members what one could expect to get for your money from the UHF.
This could also be of benefit to future members researching my Surname in Ireland.
It appears to me that you have not been a member of the NZSG for very long and you had the sort of experience at the Panmure research Centre that we would all like on our visits.
I was at the centre in its infancy and perhaps the help has improved, but I really think that it depends on who is at the centre at a particular time.
I have version 3 of the NZSG Index which is helpful and I would like to use it for the benefit of others on this list for instance but can not because of the restrictions for its use.
Between these restrictions by the NZSG and the issues associated with the privacy act it can be frustrating at times for everyone involved in Genealogy.
It really comes down to this; I would like to be treated in the same manner as I would treat other people.
I'm not expecting anything more than I would do myself.
I have seen the outcry that Brenda has been subjected to for really only expounding what I understand to be NZSG policy.
It seems to me that the NZSG policy needs to change to actively promote Genealogy matters on their Email list and be helpful to non members with a view to obtaining their membership.
Their Email list should be the premium one around certainly in respect of New Zealand Genealogy and be a reason why people want to join the NZSG.
They have experienced Genealogists in their society that are restricted from being effective on this list because of the rules of the society.

Heather have you been to the Auckland Library Research Centre on the 2nd floor to use the great resources that are there?

Regards Wayne Dickey

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