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From: "Graham Lewis" <>
Subject: Re Help at the Panmure Centre
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 00:26:59 +1000
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Some listers seem to be under a misapprehension here! All the people "on
duty" at Panmure are volunteer members - they'll be as helpful as you want
them to be. I live in Sydney but have managed to visit the Panmure rooms
twice in the last few years. I found those on duty very welcoming and
helpful when I needed it, but not pushy or intrusive when I simply wanted to
explore and browse.

That's the way it should be at any genie society I think and NZSG is no
exception - in my limited experience at Panmure, and on other occasions when
I've had cause to seek help by email or snail mail over the last 30 years or
so of membership.

But it's not unreasonable to expect a visitor to show a bit of gumption and
ask for help if it's needed - volunteers at most societies are not trained
in telepathy and I'm sure that applies at Panmure!

It seems to me there's nothing broken at Panmure, or at NZSG generally. No
need to change the basic purpose of this list - it works fine - listers
helping other listers. The journal alone is worth the full value of the
subscription, and much better value than most other family history journals.

I'm sure that ideas for new publications would be very welcome here. But
publications don't just happen - they need a huge amount of work, apart from
the work needed in compiling the index or whatever. The NZSG Council also
presumably needs to be satisfied that there's a market for the product -
that it's worth laying out the cash and effort on it, rather than on some
other project or publication. The indexers are very important people, but
their index doesn't simply fall onto a CD at that point - there's a lot of
hard work still needed. I think Council does a pretty good job on that -
the NZSG Index is an excellent example of how widely disseminated indexes
gathered by people throughout NZ have become more accessible by being
searchable in one fell swoop.

Sure the NZSG makes some money out of it, and so they should. But so do all
the contributing groups/branches, whose work is suddenly exposed to a much
wider audience, giving them the opportunity to earn a bit of cash to expand
their own local collections, by providing more detailed info and photocopies
in respect of search results that seem to be of interest. Quite apart from
those financial rewards, it must be very satisfying to all indexers to know
their work is being shared so much more widely.

Graham Lewis

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