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From: "Heather Higgins" <>
Subject: Re: NZSG
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 17:46:52 +1200
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Hi Wayne

> When I first joined however I sent in copies of certificates that I had
> and gave information for the First Families, Certificate Collection, and
> Pedigree Collection.

Thats a good start, Wayne, as it's really only by people like yourself being
generous that there is info available for other people to source, and
perhaps connect with yourself as a relation.

> I wasn't a member for long enough to get involved or asked to participate
> in any NZSG Projects.

Perhaps instead of giving up at the first hurdle you stuck it out and even
put your name forward to take part in some projects you might be feeling

> It appears to me that you have not been a member of the NZSG for very long
> and you had the sort of experience at the Panmure research Centre that we
> would all like on our visits.
> I was at the centre in its infancy and perhaps the help has improved, but
> I really think that it depends on who is at the centre at a particular
> time.

Wayne, I have been a member of the NZSG for 18mths now and have not cause to
complain at all with regards to any of my visits. As you say, perhaps the
help has improved. I suppose its fair to say that when the centre was in
its infancy, so would be the volunteers experience, wouldnt you agree?

> I have version 3 of the NZSG Index which is helpful and I would like to
> use it for the benefit of others on this list for instance but can not
> because of the restrictions for its use.
> Between these restrictions by the NZSG and the issues associated with the
> privacy act it can be frustrating at times for everyone involved in
> Genealogy.
> It really comes down to this; I would like to be treated in the same
> manner as I would treat other people.

I agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. I have no hesitation in
helping where I can, and certainly appreciate the help that comes my way.

> I have seen the outcry that Brenda has been subjected to for really only
> expounding what I understand to be NZSG policy.

Yes, I followed the threads of the responses with much interest, as I feel
we should be able to help others as required, however, I also believe that
Brenda was rather offhand in her initial message, but, had she made
mention at the time that it was a condition of being able to have the
information, then I think others responses would have been somewhat
different, particularly towards her.

> It seems to me that the NZSG policy needs to change to actively promote
> Genealogy matters on their Email list and be helpful to non members with a
> view to obtaining their membership.
> Their Email list should be the premium one around certainly in respect of
> New Zealand Genealogy and be a reason why people want to join the NZSG.
> They have experienced Genealogists in their society that are restricted
> from being effective on this list because of the rules of the society.

Wayne, perhaps you should reconsider joining the society and become actively
involved in trying to get the changes instead of relinquishing membership
and then going hammer & tong like everyone else.

> Heather have you been to the Auckland Library Research Centre on the 2nd
> floor to use the great resources that are there?

Yes I have, they are rather good, arent they.

Wayne, thank you for taking the time to respond to my message, enjoy the
rest of your day.


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