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From: "PentonyGraham" <>
Subject: designs of early homes
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 17:21:07 +1200

Now, when the settlers cut down trees to build a home for their families, were there any plans for the cottages, or did they just build them? Knowing that they wanted a door here, a door there, windows etc... would be interesting to learn more..

I know some houses came out as kit sets from UK in the early days..

My lovely cottage was built 1882, Charles Dakin had his own saw mill at The Cliffs. East Taratahi, so he could provide all his own timber for the solid as cottage!! Solid as a rock...

Now he was no builder when at home in Staffordshire, did they learn by their errors so to speak?

(improving health wise with rest.. the ECG yesterday was more promising than the previous weeks one!!.. Stress!!)

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