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Subject: RE: [NZ] designs of early homes
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 19:08:18 +1200
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I've seen a book somewhere recently about old wooden homes in NZ, I will
check out shelves next week while I am cleaning, I know it is not the
same as what Stephen is talking about, but on similar lines.
Julia, Wellington

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Adele wrote
> Now, when the settlers cut down trees to build a home for their
> were there any plans for the cottages, or did they just build them?
> Knowing that they wanted a door here, a door there, windows etc...
> be interesting to learn more..
> I know some houses came out as kit sets from UK in the early days..
> My lovely cottage was built 1882, Charles Dakin had his own saw mill
> The Cliffs. East Taratahi, so he could provide all his own timber for
> solid as cottage!! Solid as a rock...
> Now he was no builder when at home in Staffordshire, did they learn by

> their errors so to speak?

There is a great book I have looked at in the Gisborne library which
the development of NZ wooden architecture from its southern English and
American roots - but I can't for the life of me remember the name (and
catalogue is not yet online)

My understanding from that book is that there were pattern books,
from the US, which were frequently used in NZ - and there are lots of
comparing particularly central valley California rural and small town
architecture with NZ from the 1870s through to WW1 - pre-California
(which is another US development that came here but unfortunately died
prematurely in the late 1930s)

Apart from the NZ Company kitset houses, which I understand came direct
England, I believe that many others came from Australia - and were
influenced by both Australian and Indian (as in the subcontinent of)

When I find the name of the book I'll let you know - amiss of me not to
a note - I could walk to the shelf (but its 55km away!)

Stephen Donald
in sunny Tolaga Bay

Researching Tolaga Bay and East Coast history and families

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