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Subject: Re: [NZ] Random thoughts about things ephemeral
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 21:54:58 +1200
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A good idea Paddy. I got my late mother to write down her memories. I have
kept the things she jotted down in her own hand writeing. They are very
My daughter has dealing with the elderly with her job and finds some of
their stories so interesting. She had one gentleman well in his 90's who
remembered the gaslights in our city when he was a lad. I think she is more
interested in history now than she was as a youngster.
Regards Joy
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Subject: [NZ] Random thoughts about things ephemeral

> I've just come in from a session of weeding around my broad beans and
> thinking random thoughts - among them "How ephemeral some things are."
> This led me to thinking about how many people's lives go unrecorded
> except for the BMD notices in the paper. This then led to thinking
> about a wonderful project that occurred a couple of years ago in which
> a local nursing home got funding from somewhere to do oral histories of
> as many of their residents as wanted to take part. In addition to
> recording the individuals' family details as far as were known, people
> talked about all sorts of things that had happened to them in their
> often long lives. The individual stories were saved in written format
> and, from memory, included family photos if other members of the family
> were taking part in the project. The whole exercise contributed
> amazingly to the residents' sense of wellbeing and realisation that
> they wouldn't be forgotten.
> Another similar piece of work being done by a local museum is been a
> series of recorded oral histories drawing on the memories of older
> people in the community talking about their suburb, the sort of work
> they did, changes they have seen occur etc.
> Too often we get hooked into the written sources of information when
> all the time there is an equally valid and all too ephemeral source of
> knowledge often quite nearby but sadly neglected.
> As a footnote: it's important that whoever coordinates such activities
> has some knowledge about how such things are done properly.
> Paddy
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