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Subject: RE: [NZ] Pre 1860 burials in Auckland
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:44:33 +1300

Hi Julie

I can shed some further light on Ken Baker's email. Henry John Andrews
(medical qualifications unknown) arrived in Auckland in 1849 and served
as coroner to the community from 18 January 1855 until his death on 11
June 1858.

TF McGauran is Thomas Francis McGauran, who qualified in medicine as a
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1843. He became
resident medical officer to Auckland Hospital in 1848, then medical
superintendent from 1856. He was also appointed Auckland provincial
surgeon in July 1856, an appointment he held until 1859 when he was
removed form office because of his alleged incompetence. He later moved
to Australia and was medical officer to the immigration hospital in

You can find details on many of the early Auckland coroners' inquests in
Laurie Gluckman, Touching on Deaths: A Medical History of Early Auckland
Based on the First 384 Inquests, Auckland, 2000. This will also direct
you to the original records


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Subject: [NZ] Pre 1860 burials in Auckland


I am hoping someone can help. I have a ggg grandfather James Louden
(Lowden) who died by suicide in 1858, also his wife Sarah who died in
I have got his death cert but it has no indication as to where he may be
buried. He died in what is now central Auckland city. I have checked
available data bases on line and come up blank. Is there anyone who may
know of a place he could be buried. Any help at all would be much


Julie Preston

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Hi Julie,

I'm not sure if you know there was an inquest held at the Captain Cook
Hotel, Auckland on 24 May 1858 into this death. The inquest was
by Henry John Andrews and describes the finding (presumably at the
Hotel) by
a T F McGauran of James LOWDEN lying between the joists of a floor. I
find no reference to date or place of burial which would have taken
probably in the week following the date of inquest.

Hope this is of help.

Ken, NZer in Brussels, Belgium

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