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From: Beverley <>
Subject: [NZ] surname - DIMOND - Christchurch City Library church registercards
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 14:21:26 +1300

DIMOND BMD's now on my web page

Christchurch City Library - BMD's surname - DIMOND -
Church register index cards -

male details / female details

Marriages -
David George Patton Dimond & Sarah Amy FISHER m. 7 December
1881, at All Saints Church, Sumner,
ages: 27 / 21, occ: carrier, b. Lyttelton / Akaroa,
parents: David Patton & Elwina Dimond nee SCOTT carrier.
Henry Martyn & Barbara Fisher nee THOMPSON labourer
witness: Walter George Fisher, Bingsland, Christchurch,
carter, Peter Childs, Lyttelton, blacksmith,
Phoebe Christina Harper.

Sarah Amy Fisher born 1 March 1861 to Henry Martyn and Barbara Bates
, Akaroa, tailor

David Patton Dimond & Elwina SCOTT m. 22 March 1853 at The
Church of Lyttelton,
Full age / 18, occ: carter,
witness: George Scott, William Clifford, Margaret Clifford.

Evelyn May Dimond & Arthur Downs HARRISON m. 14 December 1920,
at Holy Trinity, Avonside,
ages: 26 / 25, occ: farmer, b. Christchurch / Melbourne,
parents: James & Kathleen Harrison, nee WILLIAMS farmer
Edward Samuel & Mary Ann Dimond nee THOMAS, retired.
witness: Clare M. Dimond, law clerk, Roscoe Harrison, farmer.

John Dimond & Jessie Amelia BROWN m. 27 February 1901, at St
Luke's Church, Christchurch
ages: 24 / 21, occ: Groom / domestic servant, b. Londonderry /
parents: Patrick Henry & Mary Ann Dimond nee McSWEENEY contractor
James Joseph & Amelia Brown nee WEBB
witness: George Buckett, upholsterer, Christchurch, James
Brown, gardener, Sydenham.

Mary Edna Dimond & Herbert Gordon LAMB m. 3 August 1921, at
Weslyan Church, Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch
ages: 21 / 22, occ: dairy farmer, b. Christchurch /
Adelaide, usual address: Orari, South Canterbury
parents: Herbert Ernest & Jane Lamb nee KING undertaker,
Edward Samuel & Mary Ann Dimond nee THOMAS builder,
witness: Joseph King, Clare M. Dimond, law clerk, Douglas
M. Lamb, Esme Lamb, Norman McCrostie.
more info on LAMB at bottom of page -

Mary Frances Dimond & Andrew McWILLIAM m. 6 December 1876, at
Holy Trinity, Lyttelton,
ages: both full, occ: clerk,
witness: D, Dimond, Elwina Ann Dimond.
more McWilliam info at the bottom of the page

Births -
Amelia Jessie b. 23 December 1901, to John & Jessie Amelia nee
BROWN, 28 Aberdeen Street, occ: Groom
Amy Ruby b. 9 December 1889, to David George Patton & Sarah Amy,
Lyttelton, occ: labourer.
Bernard b. 2 June 1891, to Charles & Rosalind, Dunn Street,
Sydenham, occ: labourer.
David George b. 19 May 1884, to David George Patton Lyttelton,
David George to David George & Emma Caroline, Lyttelton, bricklayer.
David George Patton b. 16 December 1854 to David Patton &
Elwina, Lyttelton, carrier.
Elwina Ann b. 25 November 1857 to David Patton & Elwina,
Lyttelton, storekeeper
Mary Frances b. 12 February 1856 to David Patton & Elwina,
Lyttelton, storekeeper
Pearl Barbara b. 23 January 1893 to David George Patton & Sarah
Amy, Lyttelton.
Samuel Charles Patton b. 17 July 1859 to David Patton & Elwina,
Sarah Amy b. 2 September 1882 to David George Patton & Sarah Amy,
Sidney Martyn b. 6 September 1886, bap. 31 October 1886 to David
George Patton & Sarah Amy.

Deaths -
David George Patton bur. 11 January 1923, age 69, of Lyttelton.
Ellen bur. 6 July 1950 age 65, res. 5 Percival Street,
Bromley Cemetery
Elwina bur. 13 September 1864, NOK David Patton Dimond, age
29 of Lyttelton
George Martin bur. September 1865, age 33, Lyttelton, occ:
Samuel Charles Patton bur. 26 May 1860, NOK David & Elwina age 10mths
Sarah Amy bur. 6 September 1882, age 1 day

LAMB - info from cards
Herbert Gordon Lamb b. 17 March 1900, to Herbert E. and Jane,
Lichfield Street, Christchurch
Esme Doreen Gertrude Lamb b. 6 October 1901, to Herbert and Jane.

Herbert Ernest Lamb & Jane KING m. 3 April 1899 at Weslyan
Church, East belt, Christchurch
both full age, occ: undertaker, b. Auckland / Southbrook, Rangiora.
parents: James & Mary Lamb nee GODDARD undertaker
Joseph and Jane King nee WATSON blacksmith
witness: Jas. King, salesman, Christchurch, John A.
Henderson, salesman, John Orchard, Weslyan minister.

McWILLIAM info from cards -
Andrew George McWilliam bur. 8 June 1880 age 13mths, of Lyttelton,
no parents named.
David Thomas McWilliam b. 23 November 1877 to Andrew and Mary
Frances, Lyttelton, sp. David Dimond, (father) Annie Dimond.

McWilliams info from cards
Andrew George McWilliams b. 11 April 1879, to Andrew and Mary
Eliza Mary b. 5 May 1882 , to Andrew and Mary, railway clerk,
Elwina Ann b. 23 August 1880, to Andrew and Mary, railway
clerk, Lyttelton.
Elwina Ann bur. 23 July 1888, Lyttelton, age 8yrs, of Ripon Street

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
20 October 2006

transcriptions of BMD's from early Christchurch newspapers

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