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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 11:46:40 +1100
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Hi Pam,

I've been trying to find the current price for a copy of a NSW will without
luck - the last price I remember was $46, but the cost varies depending on
the 'Series' (roughly how old it is that probate was granted).

If Probate was granted up to 1965, a cheaper alternative could be to obtain
a 'Probate Packet' from NSW State Records. If you are lucky the Packet will
include the will. There is an agent here who will obtain, and post you,
copies of the contents in a Probate Packet - I'll send you his website
privately as it is a commercial site.

Below are some useful sites giving information on Australian wills:

Snipped from Supreme Court of NSW website
Can I get a copy of a will?
A copy of a will can be obtained if the will has been the subject of a grant
of probate. Application forms are available on level 5, Law Courts Building.
Alternatively, write to the Court requesting a copy of the will and give
details of the deceased's full name, his or her date of death, probate
number and your name, address and telephone number.
Law Courts Building
Queens Square
A fee must be paid before the will is copied. If the will is an older one
and has been stored away from the Court and if it needs to be retrieved by
the Court there is an additional fee. You may also contact State Records NSW
on 02-9673 1788 directly or refer to their website

State Records NSW
Archives in Brief 84 - Probate Packets

How to Locate Australian Wills

Maureen in Sydney

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Good morning all

Wills in Australia. Where would I go to find a will in Tuggawong NSW.

Do they have some thing like we do "archway archives' or is there some where
else I could contact.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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