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From: Jacqueline Walles <>
Subject: [NZ] Daily Southern Cross
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 14:14:51 +1300

If you think any of these entries belong to you, they can be researched in greater detail through the Papers Past website. There are sometimes follow-ups at later dates.

14 November 1872 - From Invercargill - Mr KIDD, who was injured by the jacks at the sawmills a few days ago, died today. Page 3

16 November 1872 - Inquest re cause of death of William NELSON. Page 2

18 November 1872 - From Nelson - Two men from the City of Newcastle - Mr ABBOTT, a passenger, and the ship's cook, were drowned in trying to reach land. Page 3

19 November 1872 - From Christchurch - A horse driven by Mr R BLACK of Christchurch, on the Akaroa Road, bolted and capsized over a precipitous bank. Mrs Black was killed and Mr Black has since been reported dead. Page 3

19 November 1872 - From the South - Detective Brown is still in Okarito endeavouring to trace the cause of the disappearance of C. MORRA, late ferryman at Three-Mile Creek. Page 3

19 November 1872 - A man named William REID has been smothered in his claim at the Razorback. Page 3

19 November 1872 - The body of Carl FABRICIUS, commonly known as Charles ROSS, who was buried in a claim at the Lagoon Lead, South Beach, has been recovered. Page 3

19 November 1872 - A man named McTAGGART has committed suicide by cutting his throat at Palmerston, Otago. Page 3

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