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From: "B.Williamson" <>
Subject: [NZ] Vista may be wonderful?
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 20:42:22 +1300

Greetings Listers:

May I make a couple of comments on this important matter, as it seems
inevitable that in due course XP will be phased out and we will be left with
Vista only (albeit after its SP1, rumoured to be out now in beta, is

It would be extraordinary if Vista and MS Office 2007 were not fully
compatible, and presuming a computer of adequate capability, there should be
no problems. It is 3rd party software not updated to Vista that is a
problem. This is particularly the case with Adobe Creative Suite, and Adobe
Creative Suite version 2, which are reported to have limited functionality
with Vista, and Adobe has yet to indicate whether patches are going to be
provided. But Adobe CS3 which is now replacing Adobe CS2 is said to be fully
compatible. Those of us who have acquired CS or CS2 at some not
inconsiderable cost are naturally balking at upgrading to CS3. Has anyone
comments on this aspect? And, while we are at it, does anyone know whether
Adobe Photoshop Elements version 6 runs satisfactorily without modification
on Vista?

Brian Williamson

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