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From: "John and Sheryl" <>
Subject: [nz] Requesting Certificates
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 19:00:00 +1200

I now have a suitable response.

Anyone interested in the email, I am happy to forward direct.

Please reply DIRECT to me, not to the list, and I will send it to you.

John Bright

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Subject: [nz] Requesting Certificates


As a result of a very recent posting, I have just sent the following email
to the DIA, Department of Internal Affairs.

I will keep you all posted on the answer.

As it happens, I do know the date and the place for this marriage, but what
if I truly didn't ?

John Bright


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Subject: Query from website

Please answer this question:
How can I get a marriage certificate for a marriage in NZ for a marriage in
NZ in 1934, folio or registration number 7449.

o tells me:
The Details We Need
To correctly identify the birth, death, marriage or civil union record for
which you want a certificate, we need to know:

*The name(s) of the person or couple concerned;

*The date or year and place of the birth, death, marriage or civil
union for which you want a certificate;

*The name and postal address of the person applying for the
certificate; and

*Other relevant details (e.g. names of parents, if you are looking
for a birth certificate), help us locate the correct record.

I know that the parties for the marriage are Basil Boyed BRIGHT and Rosina
Agnes PAYNE, and that the marriage occured in New Zealand, in 1934,
registration number 7449.

This answers bullet points 1, part of 2, 3 (my address I know), and 4 is not
required as it is a marriage certificate that I want..

How do I know the second part of bullet point #2, being the date and the
place for the marriage if I do NOT have a copy of the certificate.

Please urgently advise.

John Bright
Grandson of the parties to the marriage referred to above.

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