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From: "Barbara" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 15:27:31 +1200
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The South Taranaki District Council cemeteries database is showing both
William and Elizabeth POLLARD being buried at the Eltham General Anglican
Cemetery (

It's interesting that they both died on the same day (3 March 1922) and were
buried on the same day (4 March 1922) and in the same plot (No. 903). The
reference numbers are sequential (4010/4011). Unfortunately, no ages are
listed. Perhaps you may want to locate a newspaper around that time to see
if they died in an accident or during an epidemic.

Obtaining their death certificates may give you the info you need.

Regards, Barbara.

> I am looking for a birth from either of the following people mainly in
> Taranaki and possibly in the south island. If any pop up with the same
> name in any other place I will also be very interested. Thank you
> WILLIAM POLLARD (possibly POLLAND as his name was incorrectly spelt on
> some documents ) All I have is that his age at marriage was 23 in 1877
> in Patea so going on that he would have been born approx. 1854. And
> ELIZABETH WILLETT also aged 23 in the same place as she was william's
> wife.

> I am trying to trace where they came from either born here or came from
> England. All help much appreciated. Thank you

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