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From: "Jenny" <>
Subject: Re: [nz] Public Trustee
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 11:07:38 +1000
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Wendy Howard wrote:
|| Hi Jenny,
|| "The Public Trustee was appointed administrator of a will after the
|| Executors named in the will refused, to execute it..."
|| How do you know this? The answer may help you take the next step.

I have the copies of documents that were filed with the Wellington supreme
court, I got the leter of administration from the Archives, there is a copy
of the written refusal, and another paper saying the Public trustee annexed
the will. I think the reason the trustees refused is the will left the
estate to only some of the offspring, not all I am not sure but think it was
a big estate.
I did buy a copy of what the archives hold

|| Is the probate/letter of administration listed on Archway
|| ( If it is, you should view the
|| file (if you can get to the office holding it) or purchase a copy of
|| the file. This will probably answer most of your questions; there
|| should be declarations or similar to explain why the appointed
|| executors could/would not perform their duties.
|| If it's not listed, make enquiries at Archives New Zealand
|| ( to see if it is held - the Archway
|| index is not complete, but a work in progress. If they come back
|| and say they've got it, go and view it or get a copy sent to you.
|| Or the archivist can write a report for you if you wish. This could
|| incur fees, so ask for details before you go too far.
|| Be warned if you contact Archives for assistance - I have found they
|| are notorious for not answering this sort of email until they have
|| answers for you, so it might be weeks before you get a reply! But
|| they are fantastic at what they do. Try asking for them to
|| acknowledge receipt of the email straight away, so you know it's
|| reached someone - I haven't tried doing this, but it's worth a shot.
|| Hope this helps. :-)
|| Kind Regards,
|| Wendy Howard
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