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From: Wendy Howard <>
Subject: Re: [nz] Fwd: New Version CD
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 13:28:08 +1200
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> Why don't you ask NZSG direct?

>> Probably because the NZSG Office seems reluctant to answer queries
on this list :)

And quite rightly so, IMHO.

Rootsweb's Community Guidelines
prevent advertising on its lists and boards, which posts from NZSG
officials - especially about its products - could be viewed as.

NZSG concentrates its efforts on its own business, that is, looking
after its members and the products it produces, etc.

There are plenty enough people at forums like this one to contribute
working knowledge to people who choose not to join that organisation.
And for NZSG members, they have their own forum, which members should
subscribe to if they wish to participate there (see the magazine and/or
web site for details if you are interested).

The matter here, as I see it, isn't that NZSG doesn't answer queries on
this list, but that the question was not asked in an appropriate place.
This may have been because the original poster didn't know to go
elsewhere, which is the main reason I've chosen to respond and share my
knowledge and opinions here.

Not only am I an active member of this list, I am also a List Owner and
Message Board Administrator at Rootsweb (35 lists and 227 boards
currently), a convenor for an informal genealogy group (ie a NZ group
that is not an official branch of NZSG), member of an NZSG branch, and a
paid-up member of NZSG.

Kind Regards,
Wendy Howard

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