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Subject: [nz] NZSG Branch
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 19:13:48 +1200 (NZST)
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Hello Paul, and All

As convenor of a NZSG branch I can assure you that we do not turn away
non-members who need assistance, nor do we tell them that they have to
join our branch.

As part of our community outreach, a group of members volunteer each
Thursday at our local library - they help all who come along.
Many do join the branch when they see the wealth of knowledge and
experience that our members have.

Membership of a branch does not mean that you have to join the NZSG, and
membership of the NZSG does not mean that you have to belong to a branch.

We do not give access to all our resources to non-members. These
resources are are indexes that have been created by branch members for
other club members, or resources that are purchased with members'

As far as the NZSG is concerned - think of it like the Automobile
Association. The AA's services are generally available to members only
(yes, I know they have a retail operation too.) If your car breaks down
and you are not an AA member, when you call them, they will tell you that
they will attend to your breakdown if you join the AA.

Hamilton, New Zealand
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first marry and conceive! ©

> I totally agree with you Heather - NZSG should be there to aid those who
> require any help regarding geneology whether they are a member or not. By
> not doing so they tend to alienate themselves from those who want that
> aid,
> additionally they express their organisation as a closed shop.
> My experience confirms this thought - I was told some years ago when
> attending my local NZSG branch 'open night' after asking general questions
> on my family research that 'you need to join the group before we can help
> you'.
> I am certainly not interested in this kind of blackmail for that is what
> is
> was - pay up or else.
> Since that time I have researched on my own with occasional help from
> those
> who are fully prepared to offer their resources (for that I am very
> grateful). I, too, am prepared to offer my research to anyone who may gain
> by it (and often do).
> Others on this list go out of their way to help members usually without
> any
> payment, maybe NZSG should open their eyes a little and support those who
> partake of the same hobby as they are porported to represent.
> Paul
> Can I ask why you would make this comment Wendy. After all this list is
> all
> about genealogy, how to research your tree and how to get resources which
> would help you.
> The NZSG should be more than willing to answer questions asked on this
> list.
> After all everybody reading this list is either a member of the NZSG or a
> potential member so the NZSG should answer all queries placed on this type
> of message board.
> The answer to the original question is quite simple. If you are a member
> then you can keep your previous version and pay $60 for the new version or
> you can return your version and pay $30 for the new version. If you are
> not
> a member you can buy a public version for $80.
> I always keep my previous version.
> Heather
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>> > Why don't you ask NZSG direct?
>> >> Probably because the NZSG Office seems reluctant to answer queries
>> on this list :)
>> And quite rightly so, IMHO.
>> Rootsweb's Community Guidelines
>> (
>> prevent advertising on its lists and boards, which posts from NZSG
>> officials - especially about its products - could be viewed as.
>> NZSG concentrates its efforts on its own business, that is, looking
>> after its members and the products it produces, etc.
>> There are plenty enough people at forums like this one to contribute
>> working knowledge to people who choose not to join that organisation.
>> And for NZSG members, they have their own forum, which members should
>> subscribe to if they wish to participate there (see the magazine and/or
>> web site for details if you are interested).
>> The matter here, as I see it, isn't that NZSG doesn't answer queries on
>> this list, but that the question was not asked in an appropriate place.
>> This may have been because the original poster didn't know to go
>> elsewhere, which is the main reason I've chosen to respond and share my
>> knowledge and opinions here.
>> Not only am I an active member of this list, I am also a List Owner and
>> Message Board Administrator at Rootsweb (35 lists and 227 boards
>> currently), a convenor for an informal genealogy group (ie a NZ group
>> that is not an official branch of NZSG), member of an NZSG branch, and a
>> paid-up member of NZSG.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Wendy Howard
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