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From: "Heather Bray" <>
Subject: [nz] Birth registered twice
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 09:03:35 +1200

I have just received a birth certificate for a great aunt and it appears her birth was registered twice - a year apart. She was born in Lawrence on 11 March 1903 and the birth was registered by her father on 21 March 1903. Then I have a second birth certificate with identical information on it but it was registered, again by her father, on 9 September 1904. It even has the signature of the same registrar.
There is no mention of the second certificate being a late registration.
It is definitely for the same child. She is child no 3 of 6 children. A younger sibling was born in June 1905.
The birth date on both certificates is the same and confirmed by her school admission records so it is not a case of one child dying and a second child born soon after being given the same name. But just to confirm I have looked for a death but there is none.
You would think that if the father thought he had not registered the child and did it a second time the registrar would have checked back to see if there was already a registration. There can't have been a lot of births registered in that time period in Lawrence.
Anyone else think of some other reason for two birth certificates?

Heather and Kevin Bray
28 Milburn Street, Corstorphine
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