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From: "Peter Strauss" <>
Subject: [nz] NZSG
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 20:17:05 +1000
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Hi Listers,

Regarding the NZSG replying, it is not only this list that is ignored. They
do not respond to emails although I have had prompt and informative
responses from NZ Genealogy groups that are not part of the NZSG.

I know that as a member of the Victorian Genealogical Society I would be
admitted to an NZSG location and be allowed access to the records, just as
an NZSG member would be treated in Melbourne.

But I don't live in NZ and am doubtful as to how much I would benefit from

I have genealogical interests in England, Scotland, The Isle of Man,
Ireland, Germany, Denmark, North and South America, NZ and Australia, if
there are more I am yet to uncover them. Imagine the cost of joining
societies in all of these countries, possibly several in some, looking for
only a small amount of data?

This list like many in other areas where I am researching is helpful in the
most cheerful manner and whilst I feel sure that the NZSG could have at
least responded with a "go away" to my emails you have all been marvellous.

Thank you.



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