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From: "Adele Pentony-Graham" <>
Subject: [nz] Fairbrother
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 12:41:33 +1200

I have received an enquiry for Richard Fairbrother from Australia... but
each time, I scan pages upon pages of valuable information to him, on my
other server, I am rejected by his server... I wont give up, have emailed
him on gmail accepted, but for some reason, xtra does not get through... I
shall carry on... I have a terrific file to share with anyone on this
name, he has been to Carterton a few years back... but I have the Military
information as well, which I paid a researcher in Edinburgh to help me with
him.. plus plus plus!!

Anyone else had problems with ?

Have notified some of the descendants about this enquiry..

Thank goodness its warmer today, and not raining or sleeting!!!
Spring around the corner.. long curve too!

Adele Pentony-Graham
Carterton Cemetery Clareville Researcher
Carterton Researcher.

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