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From: Graham Hoult <>
Subject: Re: [nz] researching LAYFIELD,
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 12:42:54 +1200

Hi Max (and list)

On 7/7/08 I told Max that I had found George Lewis LAYFIELD listed in
1881 electoral rolls as an accountant at Wellington, in 1893 as a
storekeeper, then in Papers Past as foreman of a coroner's inquest in

As you are some distance from your State library and your local FHL
don't have the NZ BDM indexes I did a lookup and found what looks to
be his death index entry
Deaths 1902 LAYFIELD George Lewis #1703

Reference to the births and deaths "District Keys" reveals that the
death was registered in the second quarter at Featherston, about 65
km north of Wellington

I don't know whether there is any connection but also registered
earlier in 1902 was
Deaths 1902 LAYFIELD Henry #425.

Henry's death was registered in the first quarter at Waipawa, some
200 km north of Featherston.

Also, going back to
>I have a Eliza LAYFIELD born in Lyttleton 1864
>Father George Lewis, mother Ellen CHEETHAM

I looked this up on the BDM fiche and found this entry

Births 1864 LAYFIELD Eliza #747

Something to ponder: You have her born as at Lyttelton. The District
Keys indicate that Eliza's birth was registered at Waikouaiti, some
42 km north of Dunedin.

The District Keys don't indicate in which quarter it was registered,
but I can say that it must have been part way through the year as the
birth index entries for Waikouaiti for that year cover #742-#757

Hope this helps
Graham Hoult
Kirwee, Canterbury

On Tue, 24 Jun 2008 "Max" <> told us

>Subject: [nz] researching LAYFIELD,
>Hello List
>have rejoined the list after a couple of years, when we were looking for my
>wife's ancestors
>and would like some assistance now to find my ancestors,
>the ancestor I am researching is,
>George Lewis LAYFIELD "Storekeeper" Wellington
>who married
>Charlotte JINKS "Widow" Wellington
>9 June 1887
>on the Certificate it stated he was married previously
>and it was dissolved 1st December 1886
>not sure who it was ? it could be Ellen CHEETHAM
>as I have a Eliza LAYFIELD born in Lyttleton 1864
>Father George Lewis, mother Ellen CHEETHAM
>and Eliza Married 18th June 1885 to
>Walter Horricks HEIGHTON in Wellington,
>data has been obtained off of Certificates and Cd NZ Marriages 1836-1956
>I also have 2 children from George Lewis's marriage in England about 1847
>to a Isabella???
>their names are George Wood and Robert LAYFIELD
>so it appears that he may have married 3 times
>what I am asking assistance for
>is how do I find the Death of George Lewis, his wives and maybe his Children
>as I do not know the dates, I don't know where to go to search online
>as there appears nothing, only fiche at libraries in New Zealand
>so can anyone please point me in the right direction
>regards and hopefully someone can assist me
>Max in Queensland

Hi Max

George Lewis LAYFIELD, storekeeper, and Charlotte LAYFIELD, household
duties, are listed on the 1893 electoral roll for City of Wellington
electorate, residential address "Home for Aged Needy"

George Lewis LAYFIELD is listed in the 1881 South Wellington
electorate as being an Accountant, residence: Adelaide Road.

George appears to have still been alive in 1897. Papers Past has an
excerpt from the Evening Post, Volume LIV, Issue 10, 12 July 1897,
Page 5 which indicates that a Mr. George L. Layfield was foreman at
an inquest into a fatal fire.

The marriage to Isabella is possibly this pairing from FreeBMD:

Marriages Sep 1847
LAYFIELD George Lewis Newcastle upon Tyne 25 311
WOOD Isabella Newcastle Tyne 25 311

>their [children's] names are George Wood and Robert LAYFIELD

Possibly these two birth registrations ...

Births Jun 1848
LAYFIELD George Wood Derby 19 _04

Births Dec 1850
LAYFIELD Robert Derby 19 531

they may be on the 1851 census with George & Isabella

>I have a Eliza LAYFIELD born in Lyttleton 1864
>Father George Lewis, mother Ellen CHEETHAM

There may be a record of a baptism

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