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From: Wendy Howard <>
Subject: Re: [nz] New NZSG CD
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 13:12:26 +1200
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Graham said "No need to swap even if you don't load it onto the hard
drive. I'm sure that I heard Peter Nash say that the v5 index is all
contained on just one CD"

Yes, that's correct. I didn't think to mention before that it had gone
from two disks in v4 to one in v5.

Swapping disks in and out is only necessary if you want to access disks
which have to be in the machine to utilise its data. Loading the data
from this CD to the hard drive means one less disk to handle.

Since I'm sitting at my desk at the moment (usually when I'm posting I'm
sitting in my armchair with my feet up!), I've got the disk here in
front of me, and can quote some numbers for those who are interested...

"A total of 7,538,831 records from 164 sources including the NZSG
collections in the Members' version, of which 4,733,606 records from 144
sources are available in the public version."

"System requirements: The minimum requirements to be able to install
and run Version 5 of the NZSG Index CD are:

- Windows 98/NT 4.0 (SP6)/XP/2000/ME/Vista or Macintosh OS x 10.3 or later
- CD-ROM Drive (The faster, the better).
- Hard Drive Space for Data on Hard Drive, 500MB"

Kind Regards,
Wendy Howard

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