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Includes New Zealand Newspapers like the Timaru Herald back to 1999.

Pencarrow Lighthouse Roof Restoration Completed

Historic Places Trust

8 June 2008

Pencarrow Lighthouse Roof Restoration Completed

In a testament to its remarkable durability Pencarrow Lighthouse has
undergone its first roof replacement since its erection exactly 150 years
ago. The significant and unusual restoration project involving the
replacement of the iconic domed cap was successfully completed recently by
the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. The 150 year old weather vane was
also reconstructed... .According to Mr Reichelt the original cast steel
lighthouse structure was found to be an extraordinary piece of work. "The
workmanship was excellent. Obviously those workers of 150 years ago took
great pride in their work. The original lighthouse was imported into New
Zealand in the form of a numbered, metallic kitset and assembled here. They
couldn't afford to find mistakes and send back to England for a wrong or
missing piece. Every piece was perfect." ......Pencarrow was the first
permanent lighthouse erected in New Zealand, at the demand of Wellington
residents concerned about numerous shipwrecks and the destruction of all
temporary lighthouse structures due to adverse weather conditions. The first
principal keeper of the new Pencarrow Lighthouse was Mary Bennett, widow of
George Bennett who had drowned in 1855. She was New Zealand's first and only
woman lighthouse keeper. It was first lit on 1 January 1859. It is now a
very popular for walkers and bikers. Large numbers visit the lighthouse
every year. NZHPT plans to commemorate the first lighting on 1 January 2009.
It hopes to erect permanent information panels detailing the history of the
lighthouse in time for next year's celebrations.

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