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From: "Warwick M. Lloyd" <>
Subject: [nz] Ship Deserters
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 09:17:59 +1200

Unfortunity I have never seen a master list of ships deserters.
Some ships lists listed passengers and crew but the crew was not indexed as
much as the passengers were. You would have to go back to the original

They were sometimes not even reported because usually they were not paid
until they got back to their departure point and there were always plenty of
seamen to fill the spot.
My direct ancestor, William LLOYD, was supposed to have "jumped ship". I am
starting to wonder wether he didn't jump ship and then chance his name. All
the information re parents, date & place of birth, etc are "according to
him" and so far nothing has checked out.

Of course all the Ships Logs (or most of them) are now in Canada and as far
as I know they have not been indexed or available to search. But you have to
know the ship number before you can start anyway.

There is a book of Ships Deserters, I think I saw it in the NZSG Library,
but these are mainly deserters off Naval ships.

Read Watts book, "My ancestor was a seaman" or go and see him in January!

I do remember reading through the poilice records at National Archives,
Auckland and seeing a few deserters listed, but this was in Auckland as I
was interested in the North of the Island at the time.

Hope this gives you a few leads


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