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Subject: [nz] Occupation: what is a Carter?
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:57:57 +1200
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While my N.Z. family research does not show a Carter, my Scottish Carter
was just that.

A Carter drove a horse & cart, delivering whatever, from whichever firm, he
was employed.
e.g. Coal, Milk, Groceries, Vegetables to or from Market, Fish from the
wharf, Mail, Shifting furniture, Fence posts, sometimes included
Also, a bit like today's Taxi, but, for someone needing an inexpensive lift
e.g. a Servant off the Train , going to a new position with belongings,
along with the groceries, for the householders.


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Subject: [nz] Occupation: what is a Carter?

Hi Hoping some one might be able to help me

I have an 1181 Wellington Birth certificate and on it it states fathers
occupation as what looks to be the word "Carter" however it is not totally

Has any one any ideas as to what this job is or perhaps an alternate word
which I have not been able to deciphe

Any help appreciated


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