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Subject: Re: [nz] Occupation: what is a Carter?
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 22:52:03 +1200
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The original enquirer was uncertain as to what exactly the word was and thought
it might be 'Carter'. Is it possible that the word was 'Carrier'?

I ask because I have a 1908 wedding certificate which gives the groom's
occupation as a 'carrier'. My understanding is that he used various styles of
carts and horses to carry goods from various parts of Central and South Otago
to ??. (Similar to other postings on this list likening the transportation
activity to the Courier of today). I know bullocks were also used but I
suspect he was of the equine persuasion rather than bovine.

...I wonder whether the government of the day levied the chaff and oats for the
horses with Road User charges and fuel taxes for the Roading Fund of the day...

Gail (Te Kohanga)

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