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From: Murray <>
Subject: [nz] NZ Cemetery Database & Map
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 11:45:20 +1200

I have added some new features to the cemetery web page ( ):

1 - you can now search for Maori cemeteries: e.g. search for:
+canterbury +maori to get all Maori cemeteries listed in Canterbury.
Please note that the list of Maori cemeteries is almost certainly not

2 - you can now search for cemeteries containing military graves
administered by the CWGC: e.g. search for: +canterbury +cwgc to get
these cemeteries in Canterbury.

3 - the information window for cemeteries with such military graves
includes a new line: "War Graves: CWGC burial database". Clicking on
the hyperlink takes you to the cemetery's entry in the CWGC website
where you can see the list of burials. As far as I can tell all CWGC
administered cemeteries in NZ are included in the database, but as it is
very hard to find cemeteries in the CWGC website unless you know the
exact name, I may have missed one or two.

4 - I am starting to add overseas cemeteries where there are NZ military
burials (try searching for cwgc +scotland), but as it is extremely hard
to find cemeteries in the CWGC site without first knowing their names,
and as they aren't easy to locate on the map, this will take some time.
Does anyone have a list of CWGC overseas cemeteries with NZ war graves?

5 - You may have noticed that you can now hide the Icons - useful if you
are trying to see details on the map or satellite photos which are
hidden by the icon.

Please let me know of any issues / suggestions etc.


Kind Regards

New Zealand

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