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Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 22:04:14 +1000
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Hi Jeannette,
I had spam via Ancestry - they somehow find you if you have your email
freely available on Ancestry and I had a devil of a problem to get rid of
them. I deleted my family tree - hid my email, etc...also when I laid a
complaint about it to - they did nothing. Not even the
decency of replying to my complaint.

I treated it like SPAM and blocked it over and over and still it managed to
get through to my Inbox - BEWARE!!


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Hi Jeanette,

"I somehow have had emails from this company popping up over the last
couple of days. How do I kill them. They are in a foreign language so I
don't know which word to click on"

As far as I can make out, these emails are SPAM. Do NOT click on
anything in the emails. Do not reply to them. Do not even open them.
Mark them as spam, and get them out of your inbox.

Kind Regards,
Wendy Howard
Kaiwaka, Northland, New Zealand

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