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Subject: [nz] Ships Deserters
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 13:16:19 -0400

I have found the discussion on deserters and merchant seamen very interesting - thank you.

I am trying to find out any information about my gggrandfather Charles Short.? The family story is that he traveled from England to New Zealand and met a young lady on board and he deserted ship in NZ to marry her.? Now I have found her and her parents (Bell, Mr. & Mrs and Eliza and Mary Ann) arriving on the Cresswell in 06 Sept 1853.? I was told that he was a seaman, possibly an officer, working on the ship.? The shipping list in Papers Past shows?a Mr. & Mrs Short in the passenger list but....??

Just to confuse matters further, he changed his name when "he jumped ship and married?her" (as the story goes...)?to his mother's maiden name but spelt it differently!??He became Charles Stephenson.

Can anyone suggest where I might find a shipping list of merchant seamen for this vessel?? Charles was in the British?merchant service before coming to NZ - I have some papers to show this.

Thank you.

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