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From: "Goldstraw" <>
Subject: [nz] William Rees b c 1799.Death
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 11:25:47 +1000

Dear Listers,
Have just been checking my notes and have discovered the William Rees I am
looking for was probably b c 1799. I had thought it was 1808. b Wales
Transported to VDL in 1837 aged 38.

After his release he married Frances Code in 1854. The marriage surname is

I haven't found him on the mainland or Tasmania and thought he may have gone
to NZ like so many chasing gold. I guess it's a matter of sifting thru'
Cemetery Records and trying to match dates.

Maybe it's easier to find the death of his wife Frances ms CODE. There must
have been some children or a child because a descendent went back to Wales
looking for his ancestors during WW 1 when he was on leave in England. My
cousin said her grandfather told her the story of this young man who was an
ANZAC and who was on leave came to Wales and met him.

Why don't people write things down or remember names.Life would be so much
easier for us researching family.

Hope someone can help

Many thanks
Cheers Chris

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