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From: Graham Jones <>
Subject: Re: [nz] WILLETT Elizabeth
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 22:09:04 +1200
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Hi Carol,

> Ada jane b. 1854

How could that be? Her mother was born c1855, married 1877.

Have you checked the ITM? That should tell you how long Elizabeth had
been in Patea and perhaps will give a clue as to her arrival in the country.

Info on records:

> Births
> From 1848 birth entries showed:
> 􀀍 Date and place of birth
> 􀀍 Child’s name and sex
> 􀀍 Parents’ names
> ** Occupation of father
> 􀀍 Birth name or maiden surname of mother.
> From 1876 there is further information included in birth registrations:
> ** The date and place of marriage of the parents
> 􀀍 The age and birthplace of each parent
> ** Particulars of the informant

So the birth record for (say) George should show age and birthplace of

> From 1876 the following were added to the death registrations:
> 􀀍 The full names of the parents of the deceased
> 􀀍 The father’s occupation
> 􀀍 The mother’s maiden surname or family name
> 􀀍 The place of birth of the deceased
> 􀀍 Length of time the deceased had lived in New Zealand

So the death registration for Elizabeth should show where born and how
long in NZ.

Hope that will help ...

Graham Jones

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