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From: carogene <>
Subject: [nz] Records of vessels lost on home journey
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 10:03:43 +1200

For those with knowledge of seamen and vessel records I have a slightly
different angle to persue:
Where would I find a list of vessels that went down with all hands,
probably on the return voyage to the UK ?
My g grandfather arrived in Wellington as a seaman sometime pre March 1884,
he was born in London. The earliest record in NZ I have of him, is from
Paperspast as a member of the Petone Navals on 24 March 1884.
He told his family here that he decided to desert and hid in the hills above
the city for the night. There was a terrible earthquake during the night, so
he changed his mind about staying here and raced back down to the docks at
first light. Only to see his vessel leaving the harbour! It was lost with
all hands some time later.
Another member of the family had done a lot of research to find the name of
the vessel, we thought it was the KILMENY.
Although I could not find any record of an earthquake in Wellington that
night, (some part of the story may not be true!) I have kept an open mind
as we could never get a crew list.
Two days ago the g grand daughter of the captain of the Kilmeny emailed me,
in response to a message I had posted in 2004. She has the crew list, there
is no sign of the name I am seeking.
Thanks for any help you are able to offer.

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