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Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 12:26:41 +1000
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Hi Florence and Tom.

There are three entries for the death of Thomas Cook Martin on the Papers
Past website. Although they do not provide any additional information, they
refer back to the Lyttleton Times newspaper as their source.

This newspaper is not included in Papers Past. Maybe the Lytleton Time could
have more information.

Adding a middle name later in life was often done, especially in America for
Irish immigrants - maybe Thomas was Irish.

There are a number of Thomas Martin's coming to New Zealand. I am chasing
one myself, although I now know that he died in 1926, but was in Dunedin by
1867 from a dated photograph.

Good luck with your search.


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> Dear John,
> Thank you for your interest in my search. My Great Grandfather was very
> elusive. He has not left any easy clues for me to find, but I will keep
> searching for Thomas Cook Martin's birthplace.
> Everyone on this list is so helpful to researchers like me, who are
> looking for their ancestors in New Zealand.
> Thank you all,
> Tom
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> Tom
> On the day of your email (was it Wednesday ?), at around 13:30, in
> passing I
> called in to 20 James Road.
> It appears to have been subdivided, the original house is still there,
> being
> at the front of the property.
> A driveway to the back has gone down the left hand side, with a new house
> at
> the back, being 20A from memory.
> I think the original is still # 20.
> A resident of # 20 advised they are renting, and moved in only a couple
> of
> months ago. He knew no other details, and being the son (?), he didn't
> know
> who the current owners are.
> Regards
> John Bright
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