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From: Graham Hoult <>
Subject: Re: [nz] Looking for the location and year of death [CONLON]
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 21:49:23 +1200
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On Sun, 27 Jul 2008 Karen ["Hodges" <>] asked

>Looking please for confirmation that Bridget CONLON died in NZ?
>William and Bridget CONLON married in Melbourne Australia in 1890.
>On their daughter Bernice Margaret CONLON's 1912 NSW death
>certificate she was aged 19 and born in Auckland. This would mean
>the family was living here from at least 1893. I have not confirmed
>Bernice's birth is listed in NZ indexes [It is not in NSW or
>Victoria] It also states Bernice had only lived in Australia for 3
>months, most likely meaning the family had been in NZ till at least
>1912. Bernice was ill for 12 months prior to her death.
>It doesn't appear that William is listed in any NZ directories he
>was a bootmaker. Like Bernice he died in Sydney, in 1919. His
>Brother Robert was the informant [Rob had only lived in Sydney] did
>not list his wife's name but knew he had been married in Victoria
>and had one deceased daughter. This seems to imply that Bridget
>never came to Sydney possibly dying, before Bernice.
>I have not been able to find a listing on line for Bridget in any NZ
>cemetery database. Nor is Bridget death in NSW bdm index or in
>Victoria Australia; she was a native of Cork Ireland.
>Thank you

Hi Karen

Not Bridget but her daughter Bernice. You wrote ...

>Bernice Margaret CONLON's 1912 NSW death certificate she was aged 19
>and born in Auckland.

I took it from the above that Bernice was thought to be born about 1892 or 1893

I searched the NZ Registrar General's Birth Index fiche from 1890 to 1896.

I did not see any CONLON birth index entries remotely resembling her
name (in my opinion).

Was her father the informant for her death? or her uncle Robert?

How hard is the certificate to read? Could you have misread it?

Just wondering
Graham Hoult
Kirwee, Canterbury, NZ

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