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Subject: [nz] ELECTORAL ROLL FOR TOWN OF NELSON For the Year 1853-54
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 12:08:22 -0500

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324 names, a few are listed twice, like William Collins in the city and
again in the suburb. Is there anyone researching him? He was a builder. He
built some lovely cottages in 1866 that still stand on Milton Street today.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 1 July 1854, Page 2
For the Year 1853-54. TOWN OF NELSON.
A. Adam, Stephen, haven road, publican
Adams, Henry, trafalgar street, solicitor
Aiken, George, town of nelson, storekeeper
Aitken, Alexander, town of nelson, storekeeper
Allan, David, town of nelson, storekeeper's assistant
Armstrong, John, town of nelson, carter
Askew, Thomas, town of nelson, baker

Bailey, James, Lugsdin, town of nelson, printer
Banks, Archibald, bridge street, cooper
Barltrop, Henry, bridge street, miller
Batchelor, Thomas Charles, bridge street, builder
Beach, Blaise, cambria street, carpenter
Beckmann, Frederick, town of nelson carpenter
Bell, Francis Dillon, Wellington, commissioner of crown, lands
Berry, Thomas, town of nelson, turner.

Coleman, Edward, town of nelson, cabinet 'maker
Collier, Frederick Leonidas, town of nelson, merchant
Collins, William, milton street, gentleman
Coombs, Henry, town of nelson, sawyer
Coward, George, nelson, printer
Cox, Charles Henry, town of nelson, carpenter
Crisp, Benjamin, town of nelson, carter
Cross, James Smith, mary ann street, pilot
Crowther, William, town of nelson, ship carpenter
Curtis, Herbert Evelyn, bridge street, merchant
Curtis, Oswald, bridge street, merchant

Dale, William, town of nelson, horse breaker
Dane, Hiram, town of nelson, boatman
Daniell, Henry Cooper, town of nelson, clerk in land office
Daniell, Arthur T. brook street, clerk in land office
Day, John, nelson, labourer
Devaney, Andrew, town of nelson, carter
Dillow, John, town of nelson, fisherman
Dixon, Daniel, town of nelson, labourer
Dobson, Alfred, emanu street, civil engineer
Dolamore, Decimus, town of nelson, baptist minister
Durrant, Robert Jeffrey, milton street, maltster
Dyson, William, town of nelson, carpenter

Edmonson, Henry, town of nelson, labourer
Edwards, Charles, suburban north, farmer
Edwards, Joseph, town of nelson, labourer
Edwards, Nathaniel, hardy street, surveyor
Edwards, George, grove street, farmer
Elliott, Charles, examiner street, printer
Ellis, George, town of nelson, labourer
Empson, Charles, haven road, merchant
Epps, Thomas, hardy street, gardener

Fell, Alfred, brook street, merchant
Fieldes, William, town of nelson, sawyer
Fox, William, grove street, carpenter
Foy, Thomas, town of nelson, butcher
Franks, Jacob, hardy street, miller
Franks, Jacob, nelson, gardener
Fraser, John, wairau, shepherd
Freeman, Tbomas Graham, town of nelson, shipbuilder

Galloway, James Thomson, collingwood street, clerk
Gardiner, WIlliam, suburban south, ropemaker
Gaukroger, Thomas, town of nelson, carpenter
Gentry, Charles, town of nelon, brickmaker
Goodman Thomas, town of nelson, baker
Gorrie, James, town of nelson, carpenter
Graham, James, town of nelson, carter

Hale, William, town of nelson, gardener
Halliday, Charles, bampden street east, constable
Hargreaves, John Beauland, town of nelson, carpenter
Harley, Charles, bridge street, yeoman
Harper, James, town of nelson, shoemaker
Harper, James, hardy street, constable
Haslam, Jonathan, collingwood street, labourer
Hill, Isaac Mason, town of nelson, storekeeper
Hodgson, Benjamin Oliver, town of nelson, writing clerk
Hooper, George, hardy street, brewer
Hough, William, town of nelson, storekeeper
Hunter, Robert, town of nelson, watchmaker
Hunter, Graham Douglas, nelson, gentleman

Ironside, Samuel, tasman street, wesleyan minister

Jackson, Adam, town of nelson, carter
Jacobsen, John Sigismund Martin, nelson, carpenter
Jacobsen, Hans, town of nelson, labourer
Jacobsen, Andrew, town of nelson, shipwright
Jasper, Henry, town of nelson, labourer
Jenkins, Alfred George, suburban south, gentleman
Jenkins, William, town of nelson, upholsterer
Jennens, Charles, bolton square, labourer
Jennings, William, bridge street, baker
Jollie, Francis, selwyn place, esquire
Jones, Thomas, nelson, labourer

Karsten, John Christopher Martin, town of nelson, carpenter
Kelling, John Fedor Augustus, waimea east, farmer
Kelling, Charles Frederick Christian, waimea east, farmer
Kidson, John, brook street, labourer ;
King, James, town of nelson, labourer
Knyvett, Edmund, nile street, teacher of music

Ladd, John, Scotland street, bricklayer
Laney, Edward, town of nelson, baker
Lee, James, halifax street, labourer
Lightband, George Wales, nile street eabt, tanner
Livick, Jonathan, town of nelson, labourer
Lloyd, Richard, town of nelson, shoemaker
Lucas, Charles, town of nelson, shoemaker

Mackay, James, suburban north, gentleman
Marsden, Thomas, suburban south, farmer
Marsh, William, halifax street, gardener
Mathews, Charles, town of nelson, labourer
Matthews, John, town of nelson, labourer
M'Artney, Joseph, town of nelson, constable
M'Artney, John, town of nelson, tinsmith
M'Donald, John, brook street, gardener
M'Gee, Alexander, town of nelson, publican
M'Gee, Charles, bridge street, shoemaker
M'Glashen, John Freeman, haven road, ropemaker
McKenzie, James, bridge street, clotbier
Monro, David, waimea west, flockowner
Moore, Thomas, hardy street, pensioner
Moore, Daniel, hardy street, merchant
Moorhouse, William, town of nelson, bellhanger
Morley, George, town of nelson, carpenter
Myers, George Henry, grove street, gentleman

Nattrass, Luke, town of nelson, gentleman
Neal, John, town of nelson, brewer
Neame, John, selwyn place, clerk
Newcoine, Richard Kindersley, town of nelson, esquire
Newman, John, town of nelson, blacksmith
Newport, Samuel, brook street, farmer
Nicholson, Thomas Dickson, collingwood street, presbyterian minister
Nicholson, William Robert, town of nelson, merchant
Nisbett, John, town of nelson, blacksmith
Nixon, John, shakspeare walk, carter
Nixon, John, collingwood street, labourer

Ockley, William, waimea road, shoemaker
Otterson, Francis, rostrevor, agriculturist
Outridge, Richard Pitman, town of nelson, merchant's clerk and auctioneer

Paap, Heinrich Christian, town of nelson, thatcher
Packer, Jabez, town of nelson, schoolmaster
Pahl, William, town of nelson, cooper
Parker, William, town of nelson, labourer
Pearse, Samuel, brook street, gardener
Percy, John, town of nelson, schoolmaster
Powell, Robert, town of nelson, storekeeper's clerk
Poynter, John, haven road, solicitor
Pratt, Thomas, van diemen street, carpenter

Rankin, Alexander, town of nelson, baker
Rankin, William, town of nelson, druggist
Ray, Roger, waimea east, cashier
Redwood, Henry, waimea west, farmer
Renwick, Thomas, hardy street, doctor of medicine
Rich, Thomas, town of nelson, ginger beer maker
Richardson, Ralph, nelson, esquire
Richardson, George, motueka, farmer
Richmond, Matthew, hardy street, esquire
Ricketts, Ambrose, town of nelson, wheelwright
Ridings, George, town of nelson, merchant
Riley, John, town of nelson, carpenter
Robinson, John Perry, town of nelson, turner
Rodgerson, William, shelburne street, gaoler
Robb, Robert, town of nelson, hotel keeper
Ross, George, bridge street, baker

Saxton, John Waring, waimea east, esquire
Schroder, George William, haven road, merchant
Shumacher, Frederick, nile street, cabinet maker
Sclanders, David, nelson, merchant
Sewell, Charles, town of nelson, teacher
Seymour, Arthur Penrose, nelson, gentleman
Seymour, Henry, brook street, land agent
Shannon, Michael, hardy street, labourer
Sharp, John, haven road, clerk to magistrates
Shepherd, William Luke, wairau, sheep farmer
Sherman, William Hancock, collingwood street, shoemaker
Simson, James, waimea road, farmer
Sinclair, Donald, collingwood street, solicitor
Skeet, Robert, bridge street, writing clerk
Slatter, George, town of nelson, carpenter
Snow, William, town of nelson, storekeeper
Snow, Edwin, trafalgar street, master tailor
Spittal, James, halifax street, labourer
Stafford, Edward William, nelson, esquire
Stallard, William, town of nelson, glazier
Stanton, William, town of nelson, storekeeper
Stephens, Samuel, town of nelson, esquire
Stewart, Alexander, town of nelson, labourer
Sullivan, Thomas, town of nelson, publican
Sutton, William, town of nelson, labourer

Tarr, George, town of nelson, butcher
Taylor, Joseph, town of nelson, cutler
Taylor, George, bridge street, innkeeper
Taylor, William, Washington road, mariner
Taylor, William, town of nelson, carter
Thorn, John, town of nelson, labourer
Townsend, Richard, town of nelson, gardener
Travers, William Thomas Locke, selwyn place, solicitor
Turner, Robert, town of nelson, storekeeper

Wagg, David, Washington street, schoolmaster
Walker, William, nelson, shoemaker
Walmsley, Benjamin, nelson, postmaster
Warner, Richard, cambria street, labourer
Waterhouse, John, town of nelson, labourer
Watts, John, town of nelson, blacksmith
Webb, Joseph, town of nelson, tailor
Weld, Frederick Aloysius, wairau, esquire
Wells, William, suburban north, farmer
Wells, Thomas, brook street, labourer
Westrop, John, haven road, boatman
Wheeldon, William, town of nelson, merchant's clerk
White, Joseph, town of nelson, shoemaker
White, George, haven road, esquire
Wilkie, William, bridge street, storekeeper
Williams, George, trafalgar square, surgeon
Williams, Henry, suburban north, farmer
Wilson, Joseph Foord, tory 6treet, surgeon
Winterburn, Joseph, trafalgar street, publican
Wither, Charles Bigg, wairaea east, esquire
Wragg, Alexander, bridge street, carpenter

Young, Hugh, nelson, carpenter

Aitken, Alexander, bridge street, storekeeper
Allport, Henry, suburban south, farmer
Allport, Thomas, suburban south, farmer
Allport, Alfred, suburban south, farmer
Anderson, Robert, suburban north, labourer

Barnett, William, suburban north, farmer
Berry, Frederick T., suburban north, farmer
Best, Job, suburban south, farmer
Blanchett, Thomas, suburban north, shoemaker
Bonnington, Charles, trafalgar street, teacher of music
Brown, John, happy valley, farmer
Bungett, Joseph, suburban north, labourer
Burnett, Richard, stoke, gardener
Buxton, Edmund, stoke, gentleman

Carswell, Thomas, suburban north, farmer
Ching, Richard, stoke, farmer
Close, Stephen, suburban north, farmer
Collins, William, milton street, gentleman
Collins, Arthur, nelson, farmer
Cresswell, Edward, suburban south, farmer
Cundy, John, suburban south, farmer

Dawes, Thomas, brook street, carpenter
Dodson, Thomas, suburban north, farmer
Doughty, Thomas, suburban north, bricklayer
Dyson, William, suburban north, carpenter

Edwards, George, town of Nelson, farmer
Edwards, Charles, Buburban north, farmer
Ellis, Montague A., suburban south, farmer
Eyles, Daniel, suburban north, farmer

Fell, Alfred, brook street, merchant
Flowers, Henry, nelson, carpenter
Frazer, David, suburban north, gentleman
Frazer, David, jun., suburban north, gentleman
Frost, Dennis, suburban north, labourer
Frost, Edward, suburban north, labourer
Frost, William, suburban north, labourer
Fuller, John, suburban north, labourer

Gardener, William, suburban south, ropemaker
Gill, William, suburban north, farmer

Harkness, Charles, suburban south, schoolmaster
Harley, Charles, bridge street, yeoman
Harman, Thomas, brook street valley, carpenter
Harvey Isaac, suburban north, sawyer
Hibberd, Isaac Weldon, suburban north, carpenter
Hodgson, James, suburban north, farmer
Hodgson, William Charles, wakapuaka, farmer
Hodgson, Benjamin Oliver, town of nelson, writing clerk
Holland, George, suburban south, farmer
Hollis, James, suburban north, labourer
Hooper, George, hardy street, brewer
Hughes, William, suburban north, labourer
Humphrey, John, suburban north, cartwright
Humphreys, Henry, suburban south, farmer
Humphreys, Edwin, suburban south, farmer

James, John, suburban south, farmer
Jelliman, Enoch, suburban south, farmer
Jenkins, Alfred George, suburban south, gentleman
Jollie, Francis, Selwyn place, esquire
Jones, William, waituea east, farmer

Karsten, Christopher Martin, gleenwood, sawyer
Kinzett, George, suburban south, farmer

Lawrence, James Ross, suburban north, gentleman
Lyford, Lawrence, suburban north, farmer

Macintosh, John, suburban south, farmer
Mackay, James, suburban north, gentleman
Manssen, George Heinrich Conrad, suburban north, labourer
Manssen, George Henry, suburban north, farmer
Marsden, Thomas, suburban south, farmer
Martin, Henry, suburban north, farmer
M'Donald, George, suburban north, shoemaker

Newport, James, brook street valley, farmer
Nicholson, William Robert, town of nelson, merchant
Norgate, David, suburban south, farmer

Ockley, William, waimea road, shoemaker

Page, William, raaitai, farmer
Page, William, suburban north, farmer
Parker, James, suburban south, farmer
Pierson, Joseph Margett, thackwood, farmer

Rayner, William, suburban north, labourer
Renwick, Thomas, hardy street, nelson, doctor of medicine
Richardson, Ralph, nelson, esquire
Ross, Kenneth, happy valley, sawyer
Rowbotham, James, suburban south, farmer

Sadd, J.B., suburban north, farmer
Sait, Henry, stoke, farmer
Sait, Francis, stoke, innkeeper
Saxton, John Waring, waimea east, esquire
Sclanders, David, nelson, merchant
Selmes, James, suburban north, farmer
Seymour, Henry, brook street, land agent
Sigley, Joshua, suburban south, storekeeper
Small, William, suburban north, labourer
Songer, William, stoke, farmer

Thompson, George, hillwood, blacksmith
Thomson, George, suburban north, sawyer
Tidd, Thomas, suburban south, farmer

Van, Henry, suburban south, labourer
Vant, William, brook street valley, farmer

Walker, Charles, suburban south, farmer
Ward, John, suburban south, farmer
Wastney, William, suburban north, farmer
Wastney, Edmund, suburban north, farmer
Wastney, John, suburban north, sawyer and publican
Wells, Samuel, brook street Talley, farmer
Wells, William, suburban north, farmer
Westley, William, hillwood, labourer
Wilkins, Thomas, suburban north, farmer
Williams, Henry, suburban north, farmer
Wilson, Joseph Foord, tory street, surgeon
Winter, James, maitai, farmer
Wragg, Alexander, bridge street, carpenter

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