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Subject: [nz] Rifle Shooting - Nelson Oct. 1862 [136 names]
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Papers Past - online

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 4 October 1862, Page 3
By the subjoined letter, addressed to Lieutenant Colonel Richmond, C.B. it
will be seen that Lieutenant Colonel Balneavis, Deputy Adjutant General,
transmits the decision of the Government, which is in favour of Mr. Hoult,
of Waimea-south, having awarded to him the first prize and Champion's belt,
which he won at the contest in April last, by making a score of 32 points.

Marlborough. - At a recent rifle match at Blenheim, the highest score made
was by Mr. J. Gorrie, who scored twenty-five points. A dinner, to celebrate
the announcing of the formation of tho Marlborough Volunteer force, took
place at Blenheim on the 18th of September, the Resident Magistrate, S. L.
Muller, Esq., in the chair. A Volunteers' Ball is advertised to follow.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 10 October 1862, Page 1
RIFLE SHOOTING. The shooting for the prize rifle given by Lieut.-Colonel
Richmond, took place on Wednesday, September 24, at the shooting grounds of
the various Volunteer Companies. The weather was extremely fine. In addition
to the Colonel's rifle, another was given by the Provincial Government. Both
prizes were contested for by a number of Militia-men as well as Volunteers ;
and, as will be seen by the subjoined score, the highest number of points,
34, and the first prize, were gained by Mr. H. Redwood, of Waimea-west. The
shooting was generally pretty good, and showed considerable improvement on
that of previous matches.
Nelson City.
to be 10,000 rounds of cartridges. The shooting is to take place on the
usual practice ground in each province, and to be superintended by the
senior officers of the respective competitors. By the last General
Government Gazette we see that Dr. Samuel Cusack has been appointed to act a
surgeon of the No. 1 Company of Nelson Rifle Volunteers.

The late Captain of the City Company of Volunteers having resigned, a
meeting, for the purpose of electing his successor, was held on Wednesday
evening, October 1, at the Trafalgar Hotel. There were but two gentlemen
proposed for the office, namely, John Sharp, Esq., and Nathaniel Edwards,
Esq., the latter of whom was elected.

City Company of Volunteers
Aiken. J. (100yds 14) (200yds 11) (300 yds 4) Total points 29
Catley, J.T (100yds 11) (200yds 7) (300 yds 10) Total points 28
Webb, J
Lewis, H
Morrison, W 8
Barnett, H
Marsden, James
Maling, C
Sharp, J
Martin, C.
Bailey, J.L
Knyvett, J
Hodgson, G
Hodgon, W.C
Kidson, John
Redwood, J
Adams, H
Hunter, A 12
Sadd, J.B 11

Flowers, G. 23
Rowbotham, G 22
Palmer, C 21
Sheat, S
Saywell, C.
Snowden, J.T.
Malcolm, R. J
Bradley, H
Lines, J
Sohroder, G
Gapper, C
McRae, R
Lankow, H
Neal. T
Windleborne, L.
Woolley, G.
Lines, W.
Young, J
Schwartz, C
Newth, E
Russ, H
Avery W.
Sigglekow, J
Sullivan, F
Saywell, J
Kearns, W.T
Holdaway, E
Best, G.
Flowers, J
Gifford. T
Webby. J
Bradley, A
Sigglekow, H
O'Dwyer, F
Bonnington, H
Snow, G
Taylor, J. H. 11
Chamberlain, J. J. 10
Bradley, J 10

Holland, H 31
Rutherford, J 26
M'Gowan. E
Griffiths, T
Price, T
Fowler, E
Baigent, J
Price, J
Baigent, S
Rutherford, G
Price, W
Baigent, A
Tunnicliffe. H
Tunnicliffe, T
Ricketts. J
Lines, L
Hoult, S
Bird, J
Coleman, G
Lyne, W.
Dron. J
Baigent, A
Rutherford, J
Hildreth, W.
Norris, W.
Price, J
Ratt, J
Perryman, H. W..
Rutherfurd, A. 14
Mears, J 12

Collins, A. S total points 23
Gill, Edward 23
Wells, William 23
Barnett, Arthur 22
Wastney, William 21
Blanchett, George
Blanchet, Uriah
Slater, Daniel
Livingston, David
Lyford, Absalom
Wastney, John 18
Dodson, Thomas
Bungate, John
Page, William 15
McLachlan, John 14
Northam, William 10
Westley, William 10
Barnett, William 10

Wise, Charles 28
Beatson, D 22
Guerin, F. 21
Gascoigne, F 20
Horneman, Frederick
Horneman, M
Delaney, J.
Saxon, John
Whitehorn, William
Greenwood, Alfred
Duncan, J.
Saxon, Edward 12
Duncan, James 11
Burrell, Edward 10

Redwood, H 34
Morse, N. G 29
Tomlinson, G 29
Thomas, E
Kent, W
Tomlinson, Jos.
Tomlinson, H
Price, C.
Lange, John
Thomas, James
Ford,F. 13
Price, W 11
Walker, M 10

Shooting licences taken out in June - July 1872
June Sat -- 29 1 pound licences W Westley

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