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From: Graham Hoult <>
Subject: [nz] Wellington Cemeteries and Crematorium database
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:43:35 +1200

Hi List

I keep getting caught out on the Wellington Cemeteries and
Crematorium database by entering a SURNAME in the First Name field,

so much so that I unintentionally told Karen Hodges on July 18th

>I can say that the Wellington Cemeteries and Crematorium database
>doesn't have any CONLON entries

I must have put CONLON in the first name field! And didn't notice it!

As I did when I did a search a few minutes ago when Karen told me
that she had found a CONLON entry! Just as well she checked for

I have just now put a feedback message on the Wellington Cemeteries website

>Great website and very handy for finding elusive family members.
>I do have one gripe.
>I have used this database a number of times and keep getting caught
>out by entering the SURNAME in the first field.
>Almost all on-line databases ask for the SURNAME first, and
>certainly, most of the on-line cemetery databases that I can recall.
>Often it's only when I know that there *must* be an entry there that
>I try again and see my mistake.
>Perhaps you may like to consider changing the order of the search
>fields to the usual format of SURNAME first?
>Otherwise, thanks for the great facility.

The only other database that I can think of (off the top of my head)
that has the forename first is the Mormon FamilySearch site

I often switch from FreeBMD to FamilySearch and get caught out by the
name order on the Mormon site.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one?
Or is it one of the first signs of impending old age?

Graham Hoult
Kirwee, Canterbury

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