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From: Murray <>
Subject: [nz] Waimate Cemetery Database & Gravestone Photographs
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:40:52 +1200
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A number of people have contacted me as they are having problems finding
the burial information and in particular the gravestone photos on the
Waimate website and so I thought I would post detailed instructions here.

It is an interesting design (the burial database is within their GIS
database), but it is rather the obscure side.

I won't assume anything and so step by step (I'm using Firefox, but IE
should be similar):

1. Go to (or
use the link on my web page: - search
for Waimate and view the website links for Waimate (Old) cemetery)
2. Click "Agree" and a new browser window opens (if nothing happens
the new window may have opened behind the existing window and so
check your Start Bar)
3. Check "Waimate Cemetery" and the available options will change
4. Under "item 4" in the options enter the name you want (try "Smith")
5. Click "Find on Map"
6. Wait for a bit (it is quite slow) and the page changes to show an
aerial photo with the grave site's location highlighted
7. On the right of the screen you will see the person's name (the
first of those with the name you entered if there are more than one)
8. Just below the person's name you will see "- Information Returned"
or "+ Information Returned". If it is "+ Information Returned"
click the plus and the full burial info on the person is displayed
9. The Surname, in this case _Smith_, should be underlined as it is a
hyperlink (I suspect every name is linked, but I may be wrong)
10. Click the hyperlink / surname and the headstone photo will be
displayed in a new tab / window
11. *NOTE* that if nothing appears to happen, look in any other open
browser windows as the photo opens in either a new browser window
or a new tab which may be in an existing browser window hidden
behind the one showing the plot plan.

Please note that the Waimate web site is not mine (people often think
the linked pages are mine) - it is the website of the Waimate Council -
but feel free to contact me if you have problems.

Kind Regards

New Zealand

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