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Subject: [nz] LIST OF WEST COASTERS - NZEF Ninth ballot 1917
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 16:39:08 -0600

Grey River Argus, Volume 04, 4 July 1917, Page 3

The following are the names of West Coast Reservists drawn in the ninth
ballot for service with the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces. An *asterisk
alongside a name signifies that the Reservist has previously enlisted and
been rejected:
Allen, Barney, tunneller, Otira
Allen, Horace George, farmer, Arapito, via Westport
*Amberger, Henry Breach, farmer, Koiterangi, Westland
*Atkinson, James, miner, Granity, Westport

Bade, Joseph, blacksmith, Blackball
Barr, John, miner, Blackball
Barritt, John, hospital porter, Greymouth Hospital, Greymouth
Baxter, Francis John, Stillwater, Grey
Berdinner, William Henry, carter, Kumara
Bettjemann, Otto, bushfeller, Westport
Bradley, Arthur John, miner, Post Office, Globe Hill
*Bradley, Patrick, labourer, Tawhai, Reefton, Greymouth
Bradshaw, Moss, labourer, Railway, Greymouth
Brady, William, miner, Blackball
Broadfoot, Alex, miner, Blackball, Greymouth

Carmine, Joseph Patrick, clerk, Mangatina
Chambers, Alfred Edward, miner, Granity
Clare, John Patrick, farm hand, Totara Road, Ross
*Clayworth, Walter, Hotelkeeper, Westport
Colvin, Henry, miner, Big- River, Inangahua, Greymouth
Conlon, David, miner Howard, Murchison
Conners, John, driver; Waiuta
Costello, Thomas, contractor and builder, Denniston
Cotter, Charles, blacksmith, New Big River, Greymouth
Croudis, Ashley, manager, Romilly St., Westport

Davidson, Alexander, miner, care of Mrs. T. Heyward, Blackball
Davies, John Henry, coal merchant, 15 Leonard St., Greymouth
Dawson, Thomas, horse-driver, Grey Road, Reefton
Dempsey, Alexander, school teacher, Pigeon Bay, Akaroa
Dew, Abraham Harris, Mine Creek, Granity
Donnellan, Patrick, miner, Nelson Creek
Donovan, Frederick Patrick; road worker, Murray Street, Greymouth
Dwyer, Patrick, sawmilier, Waiuta, West Coast

Ellens, John, farmer, Karamea
Elliott, Robert, railway guard, Railway Hotel, Hokitika
Elliott, William Harold, telegraph cadet, Upper Russell St. Westport
Ellis, Thomas Mason, chauffeur, Church Street, Reefton

Fane, Reginald George; plumber, Hokitika
Finlayson, John, seaman, S.S. Rosamond, Greymouth
Fitzgerald, Rex, sawmiller, Mawheraiti
Flaherty, Arthur James, labourer, Cobden, Greymouth
Fox, Richard Albert, miner, Millerton, Westport
Fraser, Courtney, brewer's assistant, Threadneedle Street, Greymouth
Fullen, Charles Henry, butcher, 17 Peel St., Westport

Gilbert, Jeremiah Francis, engine-driver, Church St., Kumara
Gilmer, John Hamilton, Post Office, Johnsonville
Gilmour, David, hotel porter, Millerton.
Godfrey, Thomas, miner, Reefton
Goodyer, Arthur John, coach-driver Otira
Goulding, Reuben Bryce, farmer, Miho, Westport
Graham, William John, farmer, Lower Kokatahi, Westland
Grieve, Andrew, coal-miner, Rewanui, Grey

Haines, Cecil Charles Alva, farmer, Kopara, via Nelson Creek
Hall, Victor Douglas, tailor, 21 Murray Street, Greymouth
*Hansen, Edgar, miner, Herepo, South Westland
Harding, William, miner, Burnett's Face
Hargreaves, John James, postmaster, Otira, Westland
Harris, Fred, miner, Waiuta, Grey
Harrison, James, wharf labourer, care of, Mrs. Hopkins, Lower Russell
Street, Westport
Heath, Wilfred, bush worker, Cape Foulwind
Hodgson, George Frederick, Police Constable, Police Station, State
Collieries, Dunollie, Runanga
*Hogan, Kieran John, Belfast Hotel, Hokitika
*Holder, Walter Ashley, boilermaker, Cowper Street, Greymouth
*Holley, William Urib, fisherman, Weld Street, Hokitika
Hosking, William, barman, Keller's Hotel, Hokitika
Howcroft, Jacob, miner, 142 Young Street, Denniston
Hunt, John, labourer, Pukekura, Westland
Hyndman, William, machinist, Otira

Irwin, John, miner, Woodstock, Westland

Jackson, Henry Charles, plumber, Thompson Street, Greymouth
Jamieson, Patrick, miner, Blackball.
Jefferies, William, bricklayer, Cobden, Greymouth
Johnston, Michael, firm labourer, Kaiata, Greymouth

Kennedy, Cornelius, miner, Rewanui, Grey
*King, George Stanley, telegraphist, Rolleston Street, Hokitika
Kortegast, Charley, cordial-maker, "The Waverley," Taumarunui
*Lalor, Thomas Patrick, horse owner and trainer, South Beach, Greymouth

Leggoe, Richard Saundry, butcher, Reefton
*Long, Robelt Thomas, miner, Sheffield

McCaughan, David, labourer, Murchison
McCormack, Michael, sawmiller, Threadneedle St., Greymouth
McDonald, John, miner, Hutton Street, Blackball
McEwen, Walter Henry, farm labourer, Totara
McIntyre, Oliver Frederick, master mariner, care of Keith Ramsay, Dunedin
McKenzie, Alexander, miner care of Mr. Robert Lochore, Reefton
McLaughlin, Michael, bushman, Ngahere, Greymouth
McRae, John, labourer, Wainihinihi, Post Office
Malloy, Joseph Francis, painter, Burnett's Face, Buller
Martin, Henry Edward, express-owner, Chapel Street West, Greymouth
Martini, Fillippo Lodovico, miner Goldsborough
Millar, John, miner, Blackball, Greymouth
Moore, William Martin, pumpman, Carroll Street, Runanga
*Morgan, Thomas, assistant Clerk of Court, Reefton
*Morison, Thomas Charles, engine-cleaner, care of Mrs. H. Brought, Peel
Street, Westport
Mosley, Alexander, law clerk, Preston Road, Greymouth
Mulholland, George Herbert, miner, Millerton
Musson, Alexander, barman, Revington's Hotel, Greymouth
Newman, Henry Joseph, _ysius, settler, Seddonville, Buller

*Nicholl, Edgar, mason, Headlands, New North Road, Auckland
Norris, Dominic, miner, Charleston
O'Brien, John, railway cleaner, Greymouth
O'Donnell, Arthur Albert, Police Constable, Otira
O'Donnell P., hotel-keeper, Waiuta, Westland
Oxnam, David William, farmer, Tutaki

Palmer, Thomas Gustavus, painter, Waverley Private Hotel, Marion Street,
Parker, Richard John, _____ollie, Runanga
Paul, George Andrew Keith, sawmill hand, Ahaura
Phibbs, James, fireman, care of N.Z. Railways, Palmerston St., Westport
Pomeroy, Charles Edwin, miner, Manigatina
Pownceby, John Arthur, storeman, N.Z. Railways, 76, Hutt Road, Petone
Quinn, Joseph Charles, engine-driver, 30 Turumaha Street, Greymouth

*Reay, William, navvy, Marquis Lorne Hotel, Hokitika, Westland
Reedy, Joseph, tramlayer, care of Carruthers's Boarding-house, Greymouth
Reinheimer, Frederick Charles, Nobles, Totara Flat
Rhodes, Victor James, farmer, Chatman Islands
Richter, Edward, miner, Big River, Inangahua
Ritchie, Daniel, miner, Stockton, Westport
Roberts, Christopher, labourer, Gladstone Street, Westport
Roberts, Thomas Arthur, clerk, 7 Chapel Street, Greymouth
Rowley, Henry, miner, Top Mine, Rawanui, Greymouth

Sanders, Percy Harold, miner, Ngakawau
Sangwell, George, grocer's carter, Westport
Scott, Anderew, farmer, Karangarua,
Shea, Thomas Daniel, miner, Coffee Palace, Waihi
Smith, James, engine-driver, Camererons
Smith William Robert, pumpman, Dunolle, Runanga
Stokes, Percy Thomas, salesman, Grey Road, Reefton
Temperley, John William, carpenter Dobson, Greymouth
Teasdale, John William, fireman, NZ Railways, 110 Tainui Street, Greymouth
Tregurtha, Percy Lawrence, ironmonger, 97 Derby Street, Westport

Watenburg, John farm labourer, Inchbonnie
Watson, William, miner, Millerton
Williams, William, general blacksmith, 23 Leonard Street, Greymouth
Wilson, John, labourer, Denniston
Winstanley, William, labourer, 21 Alexlander Street, Richmond, Christchurch.

DRAWN IN OTHER DISTRICTS. The following reservists who are residents of the
West Coast and who enrolled in other recruiting areas were also drawn: -
Bracegirdle, William, striker, Waiuta
Childs, Frederick, coachsmith, care Thompson's Dominion Cafe, Westport
Errington, Ralph, miner, Rewaiiui,
Masciorni, William Jules, cleaner, locomotive department, Belgrove
*Merrett, WWilliam Charles, labourer, Ngakawau
Mulrennan, Patrick, student Masters St. Greymouth
Perry, John, miner, Waiuta
Pimm, Albert Arthur Gordon, warehouse salesman, care of Marc McCarthy,
Shakespeare St. Greymouth
Shearan, George, prospector, Murray Creek, Reefton
*Westrupp, Samuel, winchdriver, Waitaha.

The Second division; no call until October
WELLINGTON, July 2. It was stated definitely by the Hon. Sir James Allen
(Minister of Defence) to-day that there would be no further voluntary
enlistments of reservists in either the First or Second Divisions. The only
voluntary enlistments allowed would be those of young men who reached twenty
or twenty-one years of age, for whom special provision was made in the Act.

Grey River Argus, 30 August 1916, Page 3
The enrolment of the First and Second Divisions of the Expeditionary Force
Reserve will be proclaimed on Friday, September 1st and Saturday, September
2nd respectively. A period of fourteen days thereafter, namely, until
Saturday, the 16th September, is allowed by the Act to all men of military
age, who have not registered under the National Registration Act to become
enrolled. Military age means not less than 20 years and under 46 years. This
applies equally to men who have failed to register and to those who had no
opportunity to do so, through not being resident in the Dominion when the
National Register was taken. The Act also directs every man who after
becomes a member of the Reserve, either by attaining the age of 20 years or
by becoming a resident in New Zealand, or in any other manner to make
application for enrolment with, in fourteen days of becoming a member of the

It has already been made abundantly clear that the roll is the only
instrument by which the compulsory provisions of the Act can be enforced.
Therefore every man of military age must be on the roll if that compulsion
is to operate with justice and fairness to all, and particularly to those
who have loyally done their duty by registering. It should never be
forgotten that the absence of every man who should being the Reserve
increases the chance's of the enrolled men being called up for service
whenever a ballot is taken.

The Reserve consists of every male British subject of military age resident
in New Zealand excepting members of the Expeditionary Force and soldiers who
have been discharged from such force in consequence of disablement or ill
health, after serving beyond the seas in that force.

New Zealand is noted, for the migratory character of its people, and
needless to say, therefore, the number of men who are affected by this
Section by the Act constitute quite an army in themselves, and it is the
duty of every man who has changed his abode since furnishing his personal
schedule under the National Registration Act, or, who changes his abode
after enrolment in the Reserve, himself to notify the Government
Statistician of such change of address by registered letter.

AKA - not everyone was truthfully when signing up and they got away with it!
These men were not defaulters or shirkers. Some signed up early and listed
single as their marital status.

Grey River Argus, 4 October 1917, Page 2
WITH the calling up of the last batch of men in the First Division, as
announced in the Gazette, published on Tuesday, a period of New Zealand
history has been brought to a close. For the first time in this Dominion
every unmarried man between the ages of twenty and forty-five has come under
the military ballot, except of course the few who failed to enrol but who
will be searched for until found. To call men up from all classes and to ask
them to face the terrors of war is no easy matter, for the call implies much
sacrifice. The great distance separating the Dominion from the scene of
battle and the comparative ignorance of the people generally concerning the
real meaning of the upheaval with its awful destruction are factors which
might have been expected to hinder the Government in putting the law into
operation. It is indeed a great achievement, and the country is entitled to
praise for its splendid showing in the eyes of the world.

Extract from an American letter: - "Have you heard the latest freak of the
British censor? His message to America about the landing of Pershing reads
'General Pershing has arrived at, _______ a British port, and was received
by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool.' Guess he must have landed at Plymouth! "

Grey River Argus, 1 August 1919, Page 4
In the original list of military defaulters, who being disfranchised for ten
years, there were 2,373 names. The ballot lists were always checked with the
reinforcement rolls, and thousands of eliminations were thus affected, but
there were many errors, rising mainly out of different initials and
Christian names given by men when registering and attesting. Cases have come
before the investigation committee in which the official letter was sent to
the local post office (being the address given by the individual when the
National Register was compiled) and it was returned marked "Gone, no
address" or "Unclaimed."

Grey River Argus, 3 October 1917, Page 4
John Williams, charged with having failed notify change of abode, as
required by Section 43 of the Military Service Act, pleaded not guilty. He
had registered at Millerton. He left there twelve months ago and had since
been at Backball. He had not notified change of address, but had registered
as Jack Syddel Williams, thus appearing on the roll in respect of two names.
Constable Baird said he had interviewed the accused, who stated his proper
name was Jack Syddel Williams. Defendant said that at Millerton he had been
called "John," and he had registered as John. On a registration paper at
Blackball he had given his full name as Jack Syddel Williams. He went to the
post office and obtained the registration paper. He had not been called in
the ballot. In reply to his Worship, witness said he had no desire to shirk.
Senior-Sergeant Simpson said he had no evidence as to a wrongful motive.
Defendant was convicted and fined.

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