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Subject: Re: [nz] : The 1875-76 voyage of the Euterpe
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:58:38 +1200
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Hi Brad and all:

The 1875-76 voyage of the Euterpe is in Craig Arnold's book from the diary
of a steerage passenger John Griffiths (which you probably have access to).

He mentions going down to Gravesend in the fog, and an incident when "a rat
got into the young ladies burgh, and theay screamed murder".

He says of the suicide; Monday 20th December 1875:
"One of the salon passengers named Capt MacBarnett committed seuicide by
cutting his throte in his bunk while in the orrers (probably meaning "in the
horrors" or delirium tremens). He did it a little before breakfast in the
morning . It put a gloomie appierance on the ship. They brought him out of
the bunk and put him on the main atch to wait the inquest. The captain and
passengers eld the inquest and twas brought in that he was ensaine when he
done it. He was sowed up in a piece of sailcloth and buried in about four
hours after he had don it. It was a fearful sight to see the blood all over
the place after fetching him out. The sceremonies was very oppressive seeing
the sailors and passengers with btheir hats and caps off. And the captain
reading the burial over the corps before putting it down into the water. It
put a damper on the whole ship."

I saw over the Star of India as the Euterpe was later called some years ago
(1997) in San Diego, and bought the two books there. She was at the San
Diego wharf but still goes to sea! She made 21 voyages to the Antipodes as
the Shaw Saville 'Euterpe"; a couple of the voyages are missing from Brett's
"White Wings" and the Comber Index.

"Euterpe - Diaries, Letters & Logs of the "Star of India" as a British
Emigrant Ship" Compiled & Edited by Craig Arnold (1988; reprinted 1994 The
Maritime Museum Association of San Diego) (pages 63-64)

"Star of India - The Log of an Iron Ship" Jerry MacMullen (1961; revised
1973/reprinted 1993 The Maritime Museum Association of San Diego)

Yours, John Wilson

I was wondering if anyone ot there with a current subscription to the Times
archive would be willing to help me out as mine has expired andI am unable
to currently resubscribe.

I am researching the 1875 to 1876 of the Euterpe from London to Lyttleton.
Ive certainly covered the Papers Past site, but a few events occurred early
on while still in the CHannel. Specifically, a passenger commited suicide,
the Euterpe having to put into Plymoth Sound due to this.

Im also wondering if there are any more details of her departure that might
be available. She departed in December of 1875.

I consider this an immense favor and feel guilty for asking it, but still
any help would be apprecited. Simple text, pdfs or even jpgs would be

Brad Holderman

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