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From: Ainslie Pyne <>
Subject: [nz] Re Roll call
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 20:17:46 +0930

Hi folks,

Thanks Hugh for settintg up this thread.

I download messages two or three times a day and despite the spate of
messages on this topic I haven't had a problem with quickly scrolling
down through the names in the body of the messages and hitting the
delete button if there are no names relating to any of my tree.
It only takes a matter of seconds to do this so I really can't see what
the fuss is all about from those who are complaining.
For those who do relate to any of the names then this has been a welcome
adjunct to the list far out-weighing any 'slight' inconvenience to those
who don't find a connection.

Again, Thanks for the giving us a chance to see the names others are
currently researching.


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