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From: "Adele" <>
Subject: [nz] old cars!
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 06:47:24 +1200

I was after some history of a car some time back, was mentioned to get hold of a classic Car Club they should hold some records.. the car I was after, was possibly a Rolls Royce bought to NZ in 1930s.. was also told the chauffeur bought out to drive it was by the name of Quigley.. does this ring bells with anyone please... I first enquired with the folk we register our cars with today.

One never knows if a tall story, or the truth, so I always check to find out either way! This car would have been used up in Bay of Plenty area..

But luck had it in UK the other year, I tried to find the present owner of my late fathers MG J2, which he was the second owner in 1930s in UK... and yes, its still being driven around in Surrey as off today, in immaculate condition, have the photographs off it, person who helped me in USA was a classic car enthusiatic and he kindly traced it for me after me having it mentioned on the Surrey Rootsweb list...

Adele Pentony-Graham
Carterton District Early Settlers Researcher
Carterton Cemetery Clareville Taphophile Group

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