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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:29:40 +1200
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Hi Geoff,

> " if you choose to make a purchase at BDM , get the printout not the legal certificate , for family history purposes." ... please explain what differences there are with the actual certificates and the printouts and is there any additional information provided on the printouts?

Thank you for posting this to the list so the information can be shared
with everyone here and is archived for future searches. BTW, this is
why I ask in my signature for replies to be sent to the list.

Printouts for events after 1874 are cheaper than legal certificates.
Before then, they're the same price.

Printouts are usually (but not always) simply a photocopy of the
Registrar's book. All the information that was gathered at the time, in
writing that already exists. The book might be a transcription of the
original record, or it might be the original record complete with
original signatures.

The exception is when you get a "white copy" instead of a photocopy.
There are two main reasons for this - (1) the original is too fragile to
be photocopied, and (2) there is "sensitive" data on the original which
must be withheld (such as a notation of illegitimacy). In these cases a
transcript will be made of all the data in the record (minus the
sensitive data) and you'll get a copy of that.

Legal certificates are typed up when they're ordered. There's a risk of
(further) mis-transcription during the process. The certificate
contains only the data that the law says it must contain, which is not
necessarily all the data that was gathered at the time.

This information, including what data is included on the legal
certificate, is all found at BDM Online - Historical Records

Kind Regards,
Wendy Howard

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