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From: "Angela Reynolds" <>
Subject: Re: [nz] CWGC Headstones at Clareville Cemetery
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 21:59:11 +1200
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Hi Adele

I have a WW2 serviceman in the general (non-soldiers) area at Clareville
Cemetery but he died 40 yrs after the end of the war, surely much too late
to be eligible for a CWGC headstone!

Finding the graves of any former servicemen (and women) at Clareville who
may be eligible for a CWGC headstone should be more straight-forward than
you think. Did you realise that Carterton District Council website allows
you to search Clareville burials by date? Although this website has some
‘idiosyncrasies’, most of the info makes sense and can be searched online.

In less than 15 minutes this evening I found a total of 32 burials at
Clareville in 1919. I don’t know the CWGC eligibility criteria so I played
safe and searched for burials of both sexes between the ages of 16-60
(incl). Of the 32 burials in 1919, there were just 3 men and 3 women in
that relevant age range. I then cross-checked the records with the BDM,
Cenotaph and Archway websites as well as the NZSG WW1 Census and the
electoral rolls of that period. This cross-checking whittled down the 6
possibilities to just 2 people – both of whom I’d term remote possibilities
but perhaps worthy of a little further research & clarification before being

I suggest you ask CWGC for the full eligibility criteria for a CWGC
headstone. I have a feeling that to be eligible the person must have died
within x years of their war service. (Note: CWGC website allows for deaths
from 1914-1921 (incl) and 1939-1947 (incl). Perhaps these years are now the
full extent of the eligibility?)

Once you know the official criteria you can narrow down the search years.
As I found with the 1919 burials, I suspect you’re looking at a small number
of possibilities in total. When you have the shortlisted names, put them on
this list and perhaps other listers can help with more info at that stage.

Having said all that, one other possibility comes to mind – albeit from
left-field. What about the servicemen and women killed in the war who have
no known grave? I know they’re listed on the relevant memorial (e.g
Runnymede) but what if those people are noted on their family graves in NZ.
Obviously they wouldn’t show on the list of burials at Clareville – but is
there any chance that people with no known grave overseas are entitled to a
CWGC headstone back in NZ? Just a thought, might be worth asking CWGC.


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