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From: "Shirley Arabin" <>
Subject: Re: [nz] CWGC Headstones at Clareville Cemetery
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 23:06:40 +1200
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My aunt served as a nurse overseas in WW1 and did not die until 1952 and she
has a CWGC headstone in the soldiers section of the Clareville cemetery so
they must go later than 1921.
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Subject: Re: [nz] CWGC Headstones at Clareville Cemetery

> Hi Adele
> I have a WW2 serviceman in the general (non-soldiers) area at Clareville
> Cemetery but he died 40 yrs after the end of the war, surely much too late
> to be eligible for a CWGC headstone!
I don’t know the CWGC eligibility criteria >
> I suggest you ask CWGC for the full eligibility criteria for a CWGC
> headstone. I have a feeling that to be eligible the person must have died
> within x years of their war service. (Note: CWGC website allows for
> deaths
> from 1914-1921 (incl) and 1939-1947 (incl). Perhaps these years are now
> the
> full extent of the eligibility?)
> Angela

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