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Subject: Re: [nz] sawers
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 17:06:11 -0700 (PDT)
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Its definetly sawer as his 1814 marriage record also shows sawer. one of his witnesses was a shepherd, the other a carter. Later one of his sons was a millwright and i am looking info records regarding a spinning mill in Selkirk owned by two men of the same surname...
at the moment i am inclined to think he was a carpenter who worked in the mill or was one of the owners of the mill.
now this is off list and i will be asking on the selkirk list but has anyone got a copy of the book "Little Guide to Selkirk Mills" pub 2000.? pls contact me off list
many thanks

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Subject: Re: [nz] sawers
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Have you thought that it might be sewer and that it is a spelling mistake or you have misread the a for an e.  Just a thought though you have probably thought of that but sometimes we get sidetracked from the obvious. I have had some interesting experiences with entries on UK Census, as I was told but someone on a UK list the census takers often wrote what they thought they heard and if the accent was something they were unfamilar with then that just aggravated the problem.

Yvonne Lynskey
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Subject: [nz] sawers

Hi Everyone....

each time i ask a question on here it seems to change topic

i asked what a sawer was because:

the area the man came from was a heavy tweed and weaving, mill work being the main occupation

i thought it relevant on this list - if they had nothing to do with occupations regarding timber here (in NZ, after arrival) and with the spelling of sawer not sawyer it may have been a different job. ie something to do with tweed manufacture

I assumed someone else on this list would have come across the sawer occupation.

so let wendy make the suggestion of using another list, however it wasnt as though i was asking about a country say, Scotland on a NZ list.

so yes Deb, one occupation in one country may not be the same in another

thank you to all who responded as you have suggested what i thought it was before i posted


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With great respect to all

Wendy is quite correct , although there will be sawyers here there and everywhere , they may not all
be doing the same thing so asking on a list relevant to the sighting is most beneficial

In this case one sawyer is likely to be the same as the next but there are occupations that mean one
thing in one country and something else in another

Generally asking on a list for the local area is the best idea

But I think it safe to say this chap was probably doing much the same job as was done all over the

I did have one person who was quite excited at finding a Lawyer in the family, until I pointed out
that he was but a humble Sawyer instead <g>

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)

> I agree with Ainslie as I have several ancestors arriving in NZ in 1841 who were sawyers in the
> Wellington area. My ggg grandfather and sons were occupied in Karori as sawyers cutting down timber
> and in 1852 donating 600 ft of timber towards the building of the local Karori church.
> Deb

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