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Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 16:26:02 +1200
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If people want the dates . . . (from Wiki)

Sir George Gipps assumed the governorship of New South Wales on 23
February 1838; but, on 15 June 1839, his powers were extended to give
him, as Governor-in-Chief, jurisdiction over British interests in New

Owing to the fever of speculation in Maori lands, the Sydney
merchants made strong attempts to induce Gipps and Hobson to
recognise their immense claims in New Zealand. Gipps decided to issue
a public warning against such transactions and, on 19 January 1840,
he proclaimed that no title to land henceforth purchased in New
Zealand would be recognised unless derived from a Crown grant.
Commissioners would investigate all past purchases, and all future
acquisitions of land from Maori chiefs or tribes would be illegal.
These instructions were badly received in Sydney.

The Legislative Council of New South Wales had power to enact all
laws necessary for its new dependency. The New South Wales Land
Regulations were extended to New Zealand and the New South Wales
Treasury made small temporary grants to finance the new
administration which was staffed by five New South Wales officials.
New Zealand was governed directly from Sydney, and Hobson was listed
as a member of Gipp's administration.

Gipps' connection with New Zealand ended on 3 January 1841 when by
reason of the Charter of November 1840, the dependency became a Crown
colony in its own right.

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> NZ was governed from NSW

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