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From: "John Wilson" <>
Subject: Re: [nz] Isel Museum Census Records
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 16:48:06 +1200
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Hi Nyle:

Re NZ census records, the New Zealand Genealogist of May/June 2011 pages
115-121 has an article by Donald Hansen; "Forgotten but not Gone: some early
New Zealand census returns from 1842 to 1868. There are some for Nelson in
1842 & 1848 from the Superindent of the Southern Division plus an 1848 New
Zealand Company return including Nelson. But they are 19th century and of
local areas only, some of Maori only, and some like the Nelson returns
apparently just including heads of household and perhaps other non-related
adults living in the house. And certainly not 20th century, you refer to
1920-1935 records from the Isel (Nelson Provincial) Museum. Could they be
from Wises/NZPO directories or electoral rolls? For Dunedin, there are
various records from these sources.

Yours, John Wilson

Subject: [nz] Isel Museum Census Records

> To expand on my earlier post - the census records extracts I have date
> 1920-1935... but note this covers only 1 person in my family, and does not
> reflect the extent of census records held at the Museum. > Nyle

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